UK Government Admits Vaccine Passports are Intended to Coerce the Unvaxxed

Woman getting marked at a walk-in vaccine clinic at Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

The really shocking thing about this is that no one could ever have predicted it.

The Guardian:

The government is using the threat of domestic vaccine passports to coax and cajole people into getting fully vaccinated, the foreign secretary has admitted.

Dominic Raab said ministers did not want to “hold the country back” just because some individuals were not coming forward to get inoculated, confirming publicly what many suspected about Boris Johnson’s sudden decision to throw his weight behind certification for nightclubs.

In a U-turn last week, the prime minister announced that documentation would be compulsory for those gathering in crowded indoor venues across England from the end of September.

Nor did Johnson and Raab rule out university students needing to be fully vaccinated to live in halls of residence, and the Cabinet Office minister, Michael Gove, recently suggested it may be a requirement for fans at Premier League matches next season. Chelsea FC has already said it will require people attending matches at Stamford Bridge to provide proof of being fully vaccinated.

Raab said he had seen first-hand in France that when people were told they would need domestic vaccine passports to access certain venues and events there was a “big surge” in people coming forward for their jabs.

It is a little bit of coaxing and cajoling,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. He said the government was also “making clear” that if cases rise in September “we can control that with backstop, safeguard measures”.

Raab again hinted publicly at what several MPs have suspected, that vaccine passports may never come to pass, stressing that they could be made redundant if people got fully vaccinated.

The government’s overriding focus was on increasing take-up, he said. “Once we’ve done that, the wider questions of vaccine certification become much less relevant and salient.”

He also said that if businesses required a certain level of safety from customers, then people who remained unvaccinated by choice should not be surprised if they were barred, accusing them of “putting other people’s health and lives at risk”.

People all over the world are pointing out that this plan to coerce people into taking the vaxx is illegal.

It violates the Nuremberg Code, which was established as international law to prevent people from being coerced into medical experiments.

But, none of the complaints matter.

The only thing that matters is that the vaxxers have absolute control over society, and they will force everyone to bend to their agenda.

The more people that get vaxxed, the more power the vaxxers have – as everyone who is vaxxed is ultimately committing their body and soul to the vaxxer agenda.

And while the vaxx pass is about coercion on one level, that isn’t its long term agenda. The long term agenda is to create a permanent technological control grid, which forces everyone to totally submit to having their every movement tracked by a centralized government.

Could anyone ever make an argument as to how, after forcing everyone onto this grid, the government would then let people stop participating in the grid?

Of course, no. Just like the 9/11 terrorism security at the airport, all of these anti-virus measures are here to stay.

Just like 911 anti-terror security is now used against white people, this vaxx pass will be used to stop people from doing too much global warming.

It’s all so very obvious, but people are just stupid.