UK: Gatwick Airport Won’t be Back to 2019 Levels of Traffic Until 2024

Because of coronavirus.


London’s Gatwick Airport expects it may take four years for flight demand to recover, as the Covid-19 pandemic has severely crippled passenger flows and airlines are pulling their fleets out of the city’s second-largest air hub.

“We think it will take three to four years for Gatwick to come back to 2019 passenger volume levels,” Gatwick’s Chief Executive Officer Stewart Wingate told CNBC on Monday.

The Covid-19 outbreak has hit the aviation industry hard, with most countries closing borders and imposing travel restrictions to stop the spread of the disease. As a result of the pandemic, Gatwick has experienced “a dramatic decline in passenger numbers,” with flight movements dropping from several hundred a day to just a handful of departures. In the nine months leading to the end of 2019, just under 37 million passengers passed through the airport.

The fact is that travel is never going back to where it was in 2019.

I hope you got a chance to go around before this. Because the world is closing down. Our rulers do not want this thing where white people are able to go around to different countries freely, as this might make them think about things differently. For one thing, they want you to think third world countries are poor shitholes, when the reality is that if you went to the airport in any third world country after having only been in airports in America, you’d think your flight had been redirected to a futuristic space station. And I won’t even mention the difference in the way the women behave.

You’d also be shocked by the amount of freedom people are given in third world countries. They don’t have cops breathing down their necks, nor do they restrict people from having normal conversations about topics such as gender and race.

The long and short of it is that traveling outside of the West makes a person realize that in the West, they are living in a dystopian nightmare. More and more people were going outside of the West and seeing this reality, and they’ve been wanting to shut it down for a long time. So much of the control that this system has is based on claiming that the West is the peak of civilization. That is what the rulers claim. They say that no one else could run such a glorious society as this, and we are indebted to them for allowing us to live here.

So of course they are going to use this coronavirus hoax to seal the exits. They do not benefit in any way from allowing you out.

Oh, and before you people who have never been outside of your shithole Western country say, “WELL IF IT’S NOT BETTER HERE THAN WHY DO ALL THESE PEOPLE WANT TO COME HERE???”

Two reasons:

  1. The pay here is higher, because everything is more expensive and if they live cheap and the money goes back home it’s worth a lot more
  2. Third world countries unload their poor and their criminals onto Western countries

The middle class of these countries does not want to come here. No one wants to come here for any reason other than to rob us. No one likes it better here than in a third world country.

And they’re going to keep coming.

But you’re never getting out.