UK: Fun Police to Break Into People’s Houses on Christmas to Pull Apart Families

The British government has declared that Christmas is banned this year. You are not allowed to gather with your family, because of the deadly coronavirus which is killing everyone all the time.

The Fun Police are taking it a step forward though, and pushing it to the limit: the police have said that they will break into your house in order to rip your family apart if they suspect you are having a fun family gathering.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson has said that he will be listening very closely to the snitch line, and if he gets a tip that you’re with your family, he’s coming into your house and putting a stop to that family mixing.

He told The Telegraph: “If we think there’s large groups of people gathering where they shouldn’t be, then police will have to intervene. If, again, there’s flagrant breaking of the rules, then the police would have to enforce.”

There is some question as to whether it is legal for the Fun Police to just waltz right into your house.  Human rights lawyer Adam Wagner took to Twitter to claim that the police “have no power of entry under the Tier 2 (or 1 and 3) regulations”.

He of course has no idea what powers the Fun Police do or do not have: no one does. The understanding at present is this: they have the power to do absolutely anything they want to do, and they will not stop invading people’s lives and stripping them of all of their freedoms until someone stands up and stops them. Pushing back against government oppression is very impolite, however, so it is not expected that the British will ever do any such thing – which means that the Fun Police might as well be God, because that’s how much power they have.

The population did have some things to say about the commissioner’s declaration on Twitter, however.

Some even compared the Fun Police to Hitler Nazis.

That is of course absurd – the British Fun Police are nothing like Hitler Nazis, and it is insulting to make such a comparison.

Hitler Nazis would never ban Christmas. Hitler Nazis had the best Christmases.

Furthermore, Hitler had no “Fun Police.” Instead, he had what was call the Familienglück und Freudige Liebeswaffen. They were a kind of reverse Fun Police, in that they made sure everyone was always having fun and feeling a strong sense of family happiness.

In Nazi Germany, if there was a report that someone was feeling unhappy and not having any fun, Familienglück und Freudige Liebeswaffen would roll up on the Dummer Zyklus and deliver the joyful sounds of tender laughter.

Their mascot was Funkelnder Liebesbär, a polar bear who loves everyone and only ever feels happiness – the only thing that makes him sad is when other people are sad, so he makes them happy once more.

It’s said that Roosevelt was known to have said: “If we take down Funkelnder Liebesbär, we take down Germany.”

So please: don’t insult the Nazis by claiming they were like the British Fun Police.

Sweden is Having Christmas

I am obligated to remind everyone, once more: Swedish families will be celebrating a normal Christmas. Sweden never did any lockdown, they never wore masks, and they now have one of the lowest infection rates in Europe. I say “one of the lowest,” because that’s the only official quote I can find from the media. The media hardly ever mentions Sweden, but The Guardian had a piece about a month ago saying that Sweden was “spared the surge” due to the success of their “light touch sustainable approach.” The article mentions that they have “one of the continent’s lowest infection rates.”

I believe it is actually the single lowest of any Western European country – by a lot. (Eastern Europe is a different story – Belarus did no lockdown at all, and several other former communist states did minimal lockdowns. So their experience would be similar to Sweden’s – the virus just stops being an issue once it has fully spread through the population.)

Western governments continue to pretend that Sweden doesn’t exist so as to not have people asking questions. Sweden solved the problem, completely, by doing nothing at all. This is the solution. Every country could solve the problem by doing what Sweden did. The reason they are not doing that is this: the lockdowns have nothing to do with public health. The claim that the lockdowns are a response to the virus, and that these governments are just doing their best trying to stop the virus, is an absurd lie. Sweden proves that. There is no way that they would be covering up the fact that a country solved this problem if the goal was to solve the alleged problem.

This is how controlled our media is: Sweden is a country that solved this problem that is supposedly crippling our countries because it is such a big problem, and the media simply doesn’t report on it, so 95% of the British or American population has no idea that Sweden took the virus to the lowest levels in Europe by doing nothing at all. The really insane part is that they don’t even have an excuse for it – that Guardian article I linked just says that the Swedish response worked really well.

So when you’re locked in your house alone this Christmas, remember this: Swedes are visiting their families, doing their celebratory traditions, and having a beautiful, joyful, normal family Christmas.