UK: Former Priest Sews Lips Shut to Protest Rupert Murdoch’s Alliance with Cow Farts


This really ups the ante, doesn’t it?

Sputnik News:

A former member of the British clergy, Tim Hewes, had his lips sewn shut to protest media tycoon Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp censoring of climate change issues, Christian Climate Action, an arm of Extinction Rebellion environmental movement, said in a press release.

Before staging a sit-in outside the News Corp’s office in London, the 71-year-old was filmed and photographed sewing his mouth shut. The priest then posted the video on his YouTube channel, accusing Murdoch of denying climate change and influencing governments against taking action on the environmental crisis. The media company came under fire last year over the lack of coverage of Australia’s wildfires.

“I’m sewing up my lips to demonstrate the terrible and violent havoc Murdoch’s actions have reaped upon the world and to symbolically make visible this truth. Today, there are countless people throughout the world who are voiceless and suffering because of the climate emergency. Climate science and truth has been muted and those who suffer are not being heard,” Hewes said in the recorded statement.

The priest was also seen holding placards saying “Murdoch to the dock for ecocide” and “The Murdoch legacy? The 6th Mass Extinction on planet earth.”

According to Christian Climate Action, News Corp refused to engage with Hewes and directed visitors to a side entrance. After two hours, the priest ended his protest and removed the stitches.

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All these years later, global warming is still a hoax.

It’s one of the many fake invisible crises that fuels this monumentally bizarre Jewish world order.

Every time I see anyone ranting about global warming, I assume he’s possessed by demons. These people are talking about forcing people to eat bugs because cows fart and that causes light to be trapped in the atmosphere which will cause the end of the last ice age to accelerate which will cause – what?

Swamp ass?

What would actually happen if the world, universally, got 5 degrees hotter?

No one knows.

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