UK: Former Members of National Action Charged with Plotting to Kill Morbidly Obese Female MP with a Machete!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2017

MP Rosie Cooper AKA Nanny Prime

This is nutty as all hell, this right here.

The Independent:

An alleged neo-Nazi bought a machete with the intention of murdering Labour MP Rosie Cooper, a court has heard.

The 22-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was among six alleged members of National Action appearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

He has been a preparing for acts of terrorism by allegedly buying a “Gladius Machete” – a type of weapon used by Celtic tribes and Roman legions – for the purpose of murdering Ms Cooper in July.

The defendant, from Lancashire, is also accused of making threats to kill a female police officer.

National Action’s alleged regional leader, 31-year-old Christopher Lythgoe, is accused of “the encouragement of murder” by approving the alleged plot at a meeting.

He and the 22-year-old are have also been charged with membership of a terrorist organisation, alongside Garron Helm, 24, of Seaforth, Matthew Hankinson, 23, of Newton-Le-Willows, Andrew Clarke, 33, of Prescot and Michael Trubini, 25, of Warrington.

The men appeared in the dock on Friday, speaking to confirm their names, dates of birth and ages.

During the hearing, Mr Helm asked: “Am I allowed to speak?” before he was approached by his lawyer.

Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot remanded them in custody before a pre-trial hearing at the Old Bailey on 3 November.


So what is going on here?

Well, I certainly do not know for sure, but this is my guess: they were in a chat room and someone joked about killing an MP. Spies saw it and everyone was swooped on. Now they’re being charged with planning to execute a joke.

Because I can tell you this: they sure as hell weren’t planning to kill an MP with a machete. These are serious people. Garron Helm has been in this fight a long time – he was locked up in 2014 for posting a meme of Luciana Berger, prompting Daily Stormer’s first highly-publicized troll operation, Operation Filthy Jew Bitch.

These are highly disciplined, intelligent guys who know better.

National Action was brilliant – which is why the government was forced to ban them.

But then after they banned them, they did not stop. They formed new groups. So the government banned those. But they’ve kept-up activism.

So, they are being railroaded.

And I can pretty well guarantee you the way they are doing this is by presenting jokes from a private chat as serious discussion. Because it isn’t hard to picture someone in a private chat joking about “she won’t be so smug when she meets my machete!”

My guess is that he had recently bought a “Gladius Machete” for display (it’s a replica of an old Celtic weapon) or for self defense (since you can’t have guns in the UK and people are constantly having their homes invaded), posted pictures of it in a chat, then went on to joke about slicing people with it.

Gladius Machete

In America, they haven’t done this yet. But they might, at some point.

So my advice to everyone is to remain extremely cautious when joking about any acts of real violence – in all cases, but particularly in cases which involves specific individuals. Because you notice that they add that he also planned to kill “a female cop” – but he’s not getting charged with that, because it’s not an individual.

This situation speaks to the larger issue of what happens after the government has tried everything to shut you down and cannot. I think we’re going to see them going outside of the law a lot more.