UK: Fire Department Attacks Cartoon Pig for Vile Sexism!

Daily Stormer
March 21, 2019

Yeah, I thought it was a parody account at first too

We found the lone voice of reason and sanity in Britain – and it’s a cartoon pig.

Peppa wants these Britcucks to patrol their thots and prevent Britain becoming a moslem country, because she doesn’t want to end up alone in a cage, surrounded by semihumans who stare at her like idiots, which is what’ll happen to her if the Moslems take over the country.

Alas – Britain has no men left.


The London Fire Brigade has attacked Peppa Pig, the cartoon famous with little children the world over, for referring to one of the female characters as being dressed as a “fireman.”

Once alerted by a Twitter user that in one episode of the British cartoon the narrator had said “Mummy pig is dressed as a fireman,” the 154-year-old fire service tweeted, “Come on @peppapig, we’ve not been firemen for 30 years.

“You have a huge influence on kids & using out of date stereotypical gender specific wording prevents young girls from becoming firefighters.Join our #Firefightingsexism campaign.”

Peppa Pig has so far not responded to the tweets by the fire brigade about its insufficiently woke language.

Not wanting to burn alive just so some thots can pretend they’re men is out of date and stereotypical, you stupid goyim.

If you live anywhere in the formerly-Western world, you really have to make a pack with stuff that’ll help you survive in case of a catastrophe. And remember to get a crowbar, people always forget the crowbar, but that’s really important, you need it for jammed doors, as well as cool Tomb Raider stuff.

Peppa Pig is probably gonna cuck out and apologize.

These fucking cartoon pigs always cuck.

London Fire Brigade launched the “#Firefightingsexism” campaign in 2017 to stop people using the term “fireman” and to use “firefighter” instead, to fight sexism.

The service’s first female commissioner, Dany Cotton, said at the time she wanted people to “shake off outdated language” for fear of discouraging women from taking up the physically demanding job, saying that London was a “complex” city which needs a “diverse selection of skills” to protect it.

Outside of giving birth, there is literally nothing a woman can do that a man can’t do 10 times better.

And for anything that requires a lot of physical strength and stamina, women are entirely useless.

The row came as a female fireman said that another staple of British pre-school children’s entertainment, cartoon Fireman Sam, and other programmes were damaging female recruitment because it showed men saving people’s lives and putting out fires.

Temporary deputy chief fire officer for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Alex Johnson said the “image of firefighters portrayed in the media and in films, which is of men rushing into burning buildings to rescue people” is putting women off joining the service.

“Children’s shows like Fireman Sam don’t help to break down stereotypes either. Most of the job is nothing like it is portrayed. We do community and youth engagement work, where we need to be seen to be representative of the population.

Have you considered that people who decide what they’re gonna do with their lives based on cartoons are probably not very fit to run into flaming buildings?

London’s fire brigade later attacked media personality Piers Morgan for suggesting that women who are put off becoming a fireman because of cartoons might not have the mettle to be firemen, saying he should stop using “outdated language” and “get our name right.”

Wow, there’s at least one person – a man, of course – in Britain’s media that isn’t a complete retard.

I’m shocked.

Breitbart London reported in January that a whistleblower at another firefighting service, West Midlands Fire Service, claimed that white males were expected to score higher on mechanical, verbal, and numerical reasoning tests than women or ethnic minority candidates before being allowed to go on to the physical fitness assessment.

In 2011, The Times reported that fire chiefs had lowered the requirement for fitness in entry examinations in order to “diversify the workforce and recruit and retain more women firefighters.”

Like I said – remember the crowbar.

It’s more likely to save your life than a woman pretending to be a man.