UK: Farage’s Party Loses Bank Account; Party Leader Immediately Says Private Companies Can Do Anything to Anyone

tfw the financial industry destroys your political agenda but it’s good because they were tacitly admitting that you were right about deregulation

It’s all so tiresome.


Nigel Farage’s former Brexit Party, which has been rebranded following departure from the European Union as the Reform Party, has had its bank account shut down.

Metro Bank has informed the Reform UK by letter that “after careful consideration, we are unable to continue to act as your bankers”.

Former Member of European Parliament (MEP) and current Reform UK leader Richard Tice accused the bank of making the decision “based on politics” and told The Telegraph that he fears for the viability of the party if they fail to secure alternative banking services.

Tice, who took over as leader of the party from Brexit champion Nigel Farage, said of Metro Bank’s decision: “It is absolutely outrageous.”

He added: “We are fifth in the polls. It’s not like we’re some extremist zealots. We got 300,000 votes in the May elections.

“If we believe that we’re a proper functioning democracy, then new disrupters need to be able to operate. You can’t operate if you don’t have a bank account that you can pay bills with.”

The bank claimed that the decision to close the account was made after it was determined not to be “commercially viable” and claimed that their business is “politically neutral”.

Richard Tice rejected this assertion, however, claiming that “millions of pounds” had passed through the account and that approximately £750,000 in party expenditures had gone through the account in the past seven to nine months.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Richard Tice said that “they’re a private business, they can do what they want. But it’s pretty grim.”

“In a way I sort of have sympathy with them. The compliance is too difficult. It’s so much easier to tick the box and say it’s not a politically exposed person and ‘no problem, I don’t have to think about it,” he said.

A Metro Bank spokesman said: “We regularly review our customer accounts and close those which are no longer commercially viable. The decision to close the Brexit Party account was made for commercial reasons only. Metro Bank is and will remain politically neutral.”

It just never ends.

What do right-wingers gain by maintaining this diehard loyalty to anarcho-capitalist ideology?

It’s clear that they’ve never benefitted from it, and any benefit from it they were supposed to receive, when they were sold this load of bollocks by the likes of Murray Rothbard, was theoretical even at the time it was embraced.

Here you see that this is not even exclusively an American phenomenon. Europeans right and left, first and foremost the British, borrow templates from the Americans – including losing templates.

Deregulation will never be allowed in places where it benefits the middle class. It will always only be allowed in places where it benefits the ruling establishment.

The right is following an ideology while the establishment is simply throwing out whatever excuse they can come up with for pushing their brutal agenda.

We have witnessed Jews pivot back and forth between libertarian anarcho-capitalism and hardcore orthodox Marxism in the same sentence.

I just cannot even begin to imagine that in a nation as regulated as the British – the “loisense m8” nation – the rightists are arguing in favor of one of the only areas that is not regulated, and which also affects them the most.