UK: Extinction Rebellion Witches Perform Witchcraft in Front of Kids

Extinction Rebellion’s “Red Brigade” are witches.

Everything they do is satanic.

They worship an entity¬†they call “Mother Earth.”

They’re trying to convert people into their weird cult.

Daily Mail:

Multiple demonstrations are getting underway across the country this weekend as environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion gears up for a new ‘uprising’.

Various stunts including a ‘funeral march’ in Lewes, East Sussex, and a fancy dress tea party at Gatwick Airport are scheduled.

Extinction Rebellion says the activities over the August bank holiday weekend are a precursor to larger protests taking place from Tuesday.

The group is targeting other UK airports in an attempt to avoid the aviation industry’s return to ‘business as usual’ which it says is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis.

Groups are already gathering near Stansted, Luton and Leeds Bradford airports in protest against planned expansions.

A march named ‘Procession for the Planet’ is underway in Lewes, featuring black-clad mourners and a jazz band ‘to mark the death and destruction wrought by humans on our natural world’.

Activists in Brighton are planning an ‘epic voyage of rebellion’ in which they will march from the seafront to London with a ‘Lightship’ named after climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Aside from satanic witches, Extinction Rebellion are mostly old people who are externalizing their desire not to die by pretending to want the planet to survive.

The planet is fine, obviously. What’s dying is all of these hippie boomers.

The most likely reason for old people to not want to die, after they’ve lived the entirety of their lives, is that they know that once they die, they’re going to Hell.