UK: Experts Warn Everyone Will Die If Lockdown is Lifted Before Virus Disappears

A hysterical lockdown PSA from the kook NHS.

The initial coronavirus lockdown was initiated ostensibly to stop hospitals from being overwhelmed. As this has gone on, new reasons have been created for extending it.

Now, whenever politicians start arguing that it’s time to lift the lockdown, alleged experts start yelling uncontrollably about millions of people dying and corpses piling up on the streets.

They’re now saying that the lockdown can’t be lifted until the number of new cases “hits rock bottom.”

Daily Mail:

Lifting the coronavirus lockdown too soon would risk a devastating second wave of death and disease, American history has proven.

San Francisco made that exact error in its battle with the Spanish Flu in 1918-19 and saw the virus surge after calling off a ban on public gatherings after just a month.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, returning to work today after recovering from COVID-19, was forced to make a statement warning the public that it was too soon for the UK to come out of lockdown and that now is the ‘moment of maximum risk’.

Chief scientists in the Government have confirmed that the peak of Britain’s outbreak has passed and the numbers of people being hospitalised is falling.

But experts say Mr Johnson must now resist calls to ease restrictions until the numbers of new cases, deaths and hospitalisations have hit rock bottom.

Meanwhile, Conservative ministers and donors are putting their weight behind calls for business to reopen so the economy can get back on its feet.

In San Francisco 100 years ago, officials ordered everyone to wear face masks and banned public gatherings amid soaring Spanish Flu infections. The restrictions worked and the numbers of cases and fatalities fell within weeks.

Encouraged by evidence that the disease’s spread had slowed down, the city’s politicians decided to end a ban on public gatherings and events, and to tell people face masks were no longer mandatory, after just four weeks.

The flu rebounded some three weeks after that and led to a longer outbreak than the first one, causing lockdown measures to be put back in place to public outrage. A prolonged second wave saw more cases and deaths than the first.

Scientists now say authorities managing COVID-19 lockdowns must learn from history and avoid slowing their efforts too soon.

It looks like the experts want the lockdown to remain in place until there are no more cases of coronavirus, which is an insane proposition.

There is no way to eradicate coronavirus.

It will stay around just like the flu stays around, and there’s always going to be cases.

These “experts” are delusional.

Pictured: experts’ fantasy.

Staying away from the virus doesn’t make sense. Sweden will reach herd immunity soon thanks to its “no lockdown” strategy, and Swedes will still have an economy. Meanwhile, New York, which went insane with the lockdown, has more deaths than Sweden and at least 21% of its population has coronavirus antibodies — meaning that the lockdown isn’t even helping slow the spread!

Lockdowns have destroyed Western economies for nothing.

They don’t work.

The virus is spreading anyways and we’d all be better off if only our governments had followed Sweden’s approach.