UK: Experts Want Third Lockdown to be EVEN TOUGHER

The nightmare is just getting started.

There’s a vaccine, yet the lockdowns are still a thing and experts want them to be tougher.

Why? Because this whole virus craze was never about what they said it was about.

It was always about taking everything from you.

Daily Mail:

Experts are calling for an even tougher lockdown after Boris Johnson last night begged families to stay at home, with the Government launching a new campaign blitz to scare people into obeying the rules.

Scientists warn the current measures are too ‘lax’ and can’t contain the new coronavirus variant, so are demanding stricter restrictions as ‘interactions are now riskier’ than in the first wave of the pandemic.

Despite around 90 per cent of the population ‘overwhelmingly’ sticking to regulations, the streets and public transport have remained busy this week, allowing the virus to spread, with one expert describing the emergence of the new variant as a ‘pandemic within a pandemic’.

As a result, ministers are considering introducing tougher measures as part of the crackdown, including possibly making face masks mandatory in busy outdoor areas.

England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty has appeared in adverts urging us to stay at home as the new variant of the virus rips across the country.

Two terrifying new posters also show a patient dying in hospital and a healthcare worker wearing full PPE, warning Britons: ‘If you go out, you can spread it. People will die.’

They really love that phrase. They were already using it back in April 2020.

If you drive your car, you can hit someone. People will die.

If you work, workplace accidents can happen. People will die.

If you move around your home, you could slip and hit your head and die.

Better stay in your pod.

Today, Professor Kevin Fenton, London regional director of Public Health England, said the more coronavirus patients the NHS has to deal with, the more difficult it is to keep other services open as he urged anyone doubting the seriousness of the situation to read and listen to the words of staff and patients.

He told BBC Breakfast: ‘I would encourage people to read, look at the programmes that you’re running on TV where you’re interviewing doctors, where you’re interviewing patients who’ve had this very severe disease and are suffering from the long-term effects of it.

This is the reality and that is the truth. So the advice would be listen, read, but stay at home. Protect yourself, protect your families.’

The actual reality is that hospitals are mostly empty, which is why they arrest people who dare to walk into one and film inside.

The concerns have sparked suggestions from other experts that the current level of restrictions are not robust enough to combat the ongoing soar in cases.

Susan Michie,¬†professor of health psychology at University College London who advises the SAGE committee of experts, told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme: ‘This is quite a lax lockdown because we’ve still got a lot of household contact, people go in and out of other people’s houses if they’re a cleaner, a non-essential trade person or a nanny.

‘We also have mass gatherings in terms of religious events and nurseries being open, and you have this wide definition of critical workers so we have 30-50% of classes full up at the moment and very busy public transport going to and from these things.

Oh, no! People are visiting loved ones and going to church! We cannot allow it!

However, Prof Michie said to get people to adhere to the rules, a more positive approach needed to be taken rather than stricter enforcement.

What we know from this pandemic is what really motivates people is knowing there’s a really serious threat, knowing that what they do can make a difference and also knowing what they do can protect other people and their communities.

That’s really the takeaway here.

How people responded to the coronavirus hoax has proven to the ones in power that they can do whatever they want to the populace as long as they say that they’re doing it to keep everyone safe from a worldwide threat.

Movies about alien life and alien invasions are one of their earlier attempts at investigating this “unite and obey to stop a global threat” idea. Global warming and climate change are other examples.

The success of movies and TV series about zombies quickly positioned disease, plague, and pandemics as the idyllic “worldwide threat” that people would respond to.

Viruses have also proven to be the easiest threat to hoax. Just grab a random virus from a family of well-known and easy to spread viruses, develop a test for it, and blame it for some or all of the deaths of the people who would have died in a year anyway.

They don’t need to fake visual proof of anything, they just need to tell people that everyone who’s dying is dying of the virus.

Now, the people in power have proof that this virus hysteria works, and that it works in an incredibly effective way.

They hit the jackpot.

They are not going to let go of any of the power they’ve gained through the compliance of the scared masses.