UK: Experts Oppose Holocaust Memorial Outside Parliament, Say It Will be “Confusing” to Visitors

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2019

That’s what the memorial would look like.

While Moslems build Mosques as a symbol of their conquest, Jews build Holocaust memorials as a symbol of their successful parasitic symbiosis.

Daily Mail:

Experts have said a Holocaust memorial outside Parliament would spoil the views and be confusing to visitors, despite Parliamentarians giving their backing. 

In a letter to Westminster City Council, the International Council on Monuments and Sites UK (ICOMOS-UK), said the memorial would ‘interrupt substantially’ views of Victoria Tower and the Palace of Westminster and cause ‘substantial harm’ to the park.

The Unesco advisers added that while they supported the idea on principle, it would fundamentally compromise the world heritage setting and be ‘confusing and detracting’ for visitors.   

What do they mean “confusing”? Nothing but remembering the holed-coat matters!

The criticism comes after more than 170 MPs and peers gave their backing to proposals for a new national Holocaust memorial and learning centre in Victoria Tower Gardens on Millbank, alongside the River Thames.

It will be dedicated to the six million Jewish men, women and children and other victims murdered by the Nazis.

Parliamentarians said there is ‘no better location’ for the memorial, but the project has been criticised for its potentially harmful impact on the small central London park.

A planning application is being considered by Westminster City Council, with a decision expected this summer.

ICOMOS-UK advised: ‘In essence, the proposed memorial would challenge rather than complement the gardens both visually and perceptually.’

It is feared the memorial’s construction could compromise flood defences and cause ‘substantial harm’ to the World Heritage Site, experts said. 

The memorial’s design features 23 large bronze fin structures that visitors can walk among, leading to the underground learning centre.

Architects working on the project, led by Sir David Adjaye, said they were aiming to ensure 90% of the original park is retained.

Their memorial design kinda looks like the inside of one of those “Tefillin” Jewish head cubes.

But in its submission to the council, the Environment Agency warned the memorial could ‘adversely affect the construction and stability of the flood defence’ in the local area.

Historic England told the council there was ‘a clear risk of substantial harm’ to archaeological remains of ‘national importance’ underneath the park.

The London Parks & Gardens Trust claimed the park would lose 27% of its green space to the memorial. 

The concerns follow criticism by the Royal Parks, a charity which looks after Victoria Tower Gardens, which said the memorial’s scale and design would have ‘significant harmful impacts’ on the ‘character and function’ of the park.

In October, a letter to the Times newspaper from a group of Jewish peers outlined their opposition to the plans and called for a ‘smaller, simpler’ memorial in Westminster.

The Save Victoria Tower Gardens campaign group also wants the memorial’s location changed or its size scaled back.

This is a clear act of coordinated antisemitism by these British Nazi urban planning and park experts designed to deny the Holocaust and the six million.

If you’re wondering why should a Holocaust memorial be in England, let alone outside the Parliament, then you’re clearly a Nazi.

The hollow-cost is the most important thing for the goyim to be reminded of. Everyone has to remember at all times that one time there was an evil man that was very very devil-like and he was incredibly and unspeakably mean to the Jews, so mean that he turned them into lampshades and soap.

They should turn the whole Parliament into a hole-coast memorial. No. That’s too little. They should turn all of Britain into a huge memorial.

That will teach these goyim.

By the way, the park that they want to build this monstrosity in is currently very peaceful and beautiful.

As you can see in the above images, they want to tear out that entire lovely green field and replace it with concrete to house their hoax memorial.

Just imagine the nerve of these filthy Jews, demanding that you rip out a park across from your main government building to install a memorial to an alleged bad thing that happened to them nearly a century ago in a different country – and then calling you a hateful bigot if you try to resist.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.