UK: Expert Says Giving People More Freedoms Will Lead to Coronavirus Apocalypse

Professor Chris Whitty

Keeping you healthy means keeping you enslaved. You cannot be trusted to take care of yourself.

Daily Mail:

Coronavirus cases are rising in the UK because ministers pushed lockdown easing measures ‘to their limits’, England’s chief medical officer warned today.

Professor Chris Whitty poured cold water on Boris Johnson’s plan to get the UK back to normal by Christmas, warning that relaxing rules further would ‘absolutely, inevitably’ lead to a resurgence of the virus.

Hold on. Coronavirus cases may be increasing now that they’re increasing the testing, but coronavirus deaths are definitely decreasing. No one denies that. They can’t even fake them any further.

What is Professor Whitty’s idea?

To take as many freedoms away as needed in order to reach 0 deaths per day?

It’s insane.

The CMO said lockdown loosening measures had to be ‘stopped now’ and maybe even ‘pulled back a bit’ because they risk allowing another large-scale outbreak int the future.

Mr Johnson had planned to reopen casinos, bowling alleys and allow crowds at live sporting events by August 1. But that has been pushed back to August 15 ‘at the earliest’ amid an uptick in infections across the country.

Standing alongside the Prime Minister at a Downing Street press conference this afternoon, Professor Whitty said Mr Johnson was the right decision to squeeze the brake on the plans.

He said: ‘This is a situation where if we go beyond a certain point, in terms of people getting together, linking up households, the rates of this virus will start to increase.

We have probably reached the limits of that and if people continue to increase the number of people they meet, increase the number of social interactions they have, then the virus rate will go up, absolutely, inevitably.

‘So this is really within our hands as a society for how we’re going to respond to this. We either say, “actually, we’ve probably taken this to the limit, we’ve got to stop now and we may have to pull back a bit to keep this under control” or we do not.

‘If we do pull back then we should be able to hold the line, and if we do not pull back and we start having further interactions, then we can expect to see an increase in cases with all the consequences that go with that.’

Yes, the United Kingdom has reached the limits of social interaction. The way people live now is peak socializing under the Virus Regime.

Even though no one is really dying anymore, cultists will say that people cannot be allowed to meet with others because that would anger the virus and it would come back to haunt them.

It is a kind of superstition.