UK: Evil Doctors Send Infected Elderly Back to Nursing Homes in Evil Plot to Kill Everyone

“I’m going to fix your COVID-19 now.”

Doctors are sending elderly patients infected with the coronazombie virus back to nursing homes without even notifying the staff, for some reason.

Are they incompetent? Or are they malicious?

Perhaps they know that coronavirus is as dangerous as the flu?

Is there any rational explanation for why hospitals would be doing this in what is alleged to be the worst pandemic ever?

Daily Mail:

Hospitals may have broken the law by sending patients with Covid-19 back to care homes without telling their managers they had the virus.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been told that several hospitals returned people despite suspecting – or even knowing – they were infected.

Tragically, these patients triggered outbreaks in the homes, claiming the lives of other vulnerable residents. Staff at the care homes would have not realised they had the virus so may not have been wearing adequate protective clothing or taken other infection control precautions.

The CQC is investigating several cases after being informed by care home managers that hospitals discharged patients into their premises without telling them they had the disease.

Kate Terroni, the watchdog’s chief inspector of adult social care, said: ‘We have heard of a few incidents where this has happened and it has resulted in infections spreading to other residents in the care home.

In cases where it looks like the information wasn’t disclosed by the hospital, we are looking at whether the hospital breached their regulations and whether we can take action. It’s an issue we take really seriously.’

The CQC enforces a series of regulations, enshrined in law, that health and adult social care services in England must comply with. Breaching some of these rules is a criminal offence and the watchdog can bring prosecutions.

The CQC is also investigating whether care home residents have died from noncoronavirus conditions due to a lack of visits from GPs.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the current death rate in care homes is four times higher than the five year average, and only a third are directly linked to the virus.

The watchdog’s warnings come after Boris Johnson admitted he ‘deeply’ regretted the situation in care homes, which experts say have become the new epicentre of the virus.

Hospitals have been under pressure to free up beds since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in anticipation of a surge of very sick patients.

They were given specific guidance from NHS England on March 7 to ‘urgently’ make available 15,000 beds nationally by discharging anyone who was medically fit to leave.

Some experts are concerned this led to hospitals sending patients into care homes without testing them for the virus, even if staff suspected they had symptoms. The Department of Health issued separate guidance on April 2 that negative tests were ‘not required’ before discharging people into a care home.

Coronavirus outbreaks in care homes are now ‘leaking’ back into the community and driving the epidemic, Government advisers have said.

Experts say widespread cases in care homes are pushing up the UK’s average transmission rate and are providing one of the biggest barriers to lifting the lockdown.

Hanlon’s razor suggests to never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity, but stupidity is a great disguise for malice.

They didn’t really need to make 15,000 beds urgently available. Hospitals were never overwhelmed and doctors and nurses spend most of their day filming dance videos for social media.

But if freeing up beds were a driving force behind the discharge of the infected elderly, why not warn the nursing home staff about the possible or confirmed infection?

The elderly are the people that the lockdown is supposed to be protecting.

It is clear, by now, whether everything is being done on purpose or as a consequence of incompetence, that experts have no place telling people what to do.

Listening to these “experts” resulted in this collapse.