UK: Everyone Dying of Cancer Because Hospitals All Focused on Fake Virus

I know I’ve beaten the point to death, but millions of people have died as a result of the measures ostensibly designed to combat the alleged coronavirus.

A report from the UK just released shows that up to 740,000 cases of cancer were “missed” because the NHS was focused on combatting the invisible secret virus.

Even if you believe in the coronavirus – in which case, you are literally as stupid as someone who believes in cow farts changing the weather – but even if you do, there is no mathematical equation you can add up where more people died from the virus than the cure.

That would be true even if you believe in their insane fake numbers. Even with those totally – and effectively admittedly – hoaxed statistics, more people still died from the measures to combat the supposed virus than from the virus.

They literally told people they couldn’t come to the hospital for any reason other than a positive PCR test or an immediate emergency. Then you have the suicides and drug overdoses and other “deaths of despair.” Then you have the basic health effects of all of this weird shit – locking people in their houses where they eat garbage food and sit around all day, forcing them to wear masks all the time and depriving themselves of oxygen.

That’s without even including the vaccine, which has certainly killed more people than the total number of deaths attributed to the virus.

This is all just clown mania. Even if you take these people’s word for everything they are saying, even if you believe every single stupid hoax from The Science, there is no statistical basis for this hoax.

This is all the opposite of what I requested.