UK: English Baboon Jailed for Crashing Into Car and Killing Married White Couple

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2019

Dewayne Brown.

For all their inventiveness, whites can be very easy to fool. If a baboon puts on a suit and glasses, for example, many whites will forget that he’s a baboon at all and give him things that no wild animal should have – such as a driving license.

Leicestershire Live:

A married couple were killed on their way home from the cinema, when a drink driver crashed into the back of their car at 100 mph.

Graham Jennings, 49, and his wife, Emma, 50, had just joined the A46 Western bypass from the A6 Wanlip junction when the tragedy happened.

Dewayne Brown’s Ford Fiesta careered, without braking, into the couple’s Citroen Xsara Picasso which caught on fire and exploded.

Mr and Mrs Jennings, of Syston, died at the scene, Leicester Crown Court was told.

Brown, 26, pleaded guilty to causing the deaths of Mr Jennings and his wife by driving dangerously on the night of Saturday August 18 last year.

Father-of-four, Mr Jennings, had two grown up daughters from a previous marriage and two younger children, aged 10 and 11, with his wife Emma.

Alexander Wolfson, prosecuting, said: “When the defendant drove into the back of their car he was travelling in the region of 100 mph.”

One of several witnesses travelling in the same direction as Brown described how his car “wobbled” as the Fiesta overtook and others estimated high speeds of about 100 mph.

The Fiesta speedometer read 120 mph after the collision with 4,000 revs on the counter, equating to about 103 mph.

Brown was jailed for six years, and was banned from driving for seven years.

Emma and Graham Jennings.

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