UK Endorses Jewish False Flag Boat Hoax

I’ve already written about the Jewish false flag boat hoax today, but it’s relevant that the UK government is coming out endorsing the scheme.

For whatever reason, the UK has been getting a lot more vocal in their support for the Jewish war machine over the last year or so. They’ve been flying planes over the Ukraine and sailing ships against the Chinese.

Of course, they were heavily involved in the Iraq War hoax back in the early 2000s. The first incontrovertible proof that the Iraq War was not the result of some sad delusion, and instead a purposeful hoax, came in the form of the “Downing Street Memo,” which admitted that the US was fixing the intelligence to go to war against Iraq.

So surely, no one is surprised they would show up for the sequel. The more surprising thing is that they’ve largely been quiet for a while. I guess maybe this is just in my head. Or maybe it was that they didn’t want to be seen as aligning with Donald Trump. But when Mike Pompeo was out there threatening all of these countries, you did not hear much from the British.

Yes, this is filler – I don’t really have anything to say here, other than that if the UK is onboard with the Iranian boat hoax, the US also will be, and it could lead to another round of whatever.

But basically, as I said in my other article about this: they do these various hoaxes constantly. I mean, people forget that they shot down a passenger jet over the Ukraine and killed hundreds of people to try to blame Russia. They also shot down a Russian jet over Egypt, also killing hundreds. So an oil tanker hoax doesn’t mean anything, necessarily, but it also could be part of a run-up to war.

Pretty much, ZOG definitely wants war with Russia, China and Iran, and it just is a matter of where they kick it off. Russia is the easiest target, I think, given that they are less cohesive internally, along with various other factors. But Iran has a smaller military than Russia of course, which could be how they are judging it.

It’s possible they won’t start a war at all, of course. I don’t have any hard predictions on this. This whole thing was planned decades ago, when they thought that China would be a completely anal multicultural democracy run by Taiwanese feminists and homosexual child molesters.

The miscalculation on the trajectory of the development of China creates this wildcard that the current class of overlords seems pretty much stumped by, and there seems to be a lot of disagreement among the elite about how to go about forcing these three remaining holdouts into submission. That could in theory lead to a stalemate.

China has a plan to conquer the entire planet without firing a shot. They don’t want a Western style military conquest, and that doesn’t even enter their brains – what they want is a mercantile empire that de facto controls the world through trade.

Think of the various ways you can win Sid Meier’s Civilization. China wants an economic victory.

Actually, ZOG only wants a cultural victory – “gay anal Islamo-feminist techno libertarian communism” – it’s just that it turns out that because of the strength of Chinese nationalism, they can’t get their cultural victory without military force.

But yeah, if ZOG doesn’t move soon, China wins by default, no contest.

Chinese victory is a fine outcome for me personally, as it isn’t a cultural victory, and they won’t want to meddle in American/European culture.

But I’m also fine with a totally destructive World War and every city in the world getting nuked.