UK: Dozens Arrested in Anti-Lockdown Protests


The anti-lockdown movement is basically bringing a bunch of women and young people who wouldn’t normally be drawn to the far-right into the far-right.

People are beginning to understand that being a leftist, or supporting the status quo, means that all of your basic freedoms are going to be taken from you.

It sounds like a cliche, but the left actually hates freedom.

The people want freedoms. That is the nature of humans.

In Britain on Saturday, while we were marching maskless for Donald Trump, our cousins were marching maskless for against the coronavirus hoax.

In Liverpool and Bristol, they defied the brutal commie government, which is claiming to be the mommy of everyone and the decider if we get to play outside. Dozens were arrested.

According to police, 14 were arrested in Bristol, and at least 25 more in Liverpool.

In Bristol, videos show police clamping down, arresting and carrying away demonstrators.

The maskless freedom fighters chanted, “We are the people, we are the power, we are the 99 percent.”

Among the arrested was former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers. He was due to be the main speaker in Bristol, but he was grabbed by the ZOGbots. (For those who maybe don’t remember, Piers has been a regular guest on the Alex Jones show and is an ally of David Icke.)

Piers’ Twitter account said that he is okay and is going to keep the fight.

The scene in Liverpool was much the same.

In every country, people are rising up against this tyranny of the coronavirus hoax.

What they need most, however, is a proper direction.