UK: Doctors from Transgender Clinic for Children Warn Kids are Getting Brainwashed Into Transitioning

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 18, 2019

Some doctors are concerned children may not really want to switch genders out of their own accord.

Why should children be allowed to decide things beyond what ice cream flavor to get is a question that has yet to be answered.

Daily Mail:

Young patients at England’s only NHS transgender clinic for children could be exposed to ‘long-term damage’, doctors have warned.

The Tavistock Gender Identity Development Clinic in north London has an ‘inability to stand up to pressure’ from campaigners and parents demanding fast-track transitions, doctors have said.

The clinic, part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, is also providing ‘woefully inadequate’ care, with some staff citing ‘very serious ethical concerns’ about their workplace, a recent report said.

The report, made by former staff governor David Bell, said some children ‘take up a trans identity as a solution’ to ‘multiple problems such as historic child abuse in the family, bereavement, homophobia, and a very significant incidence of autism spectrum disorder’.

It also claimed the children may have been ‘coached’ by lobby groups and said the histories of ‘highly disturbed or complex’ patients were not thoroughly investigated, the Sunday Times reported.

The Bell report said many children questioning their identity may have ‘learnt through online resources [or] coaching from from parents or peers exactly what to say in order to get the results they want’.

One staff member said: ‘You suddenly see groups of kids who at initial interview give exactly the version of transition details, reasons, etc. I have overheard them in the corridor, parents coaching children before the interview and chiding them.

‘I feel I have let down a large number of children’.

The Bell report also said that in some instances feelings which were typical for young people had been relabelled as being to do with wanting to change gender.

The transgender epidemic is indeed a fabrication. It’s social engineering. People — especially children — are given tempting rewards for “transitioning.” From the attention they didn’t get before, to the feeling of belonging to a group and the pride of having an identity.

Society cheers prepubescent kids that think they know something about their sexuality after exposing them to depravity.

Doctors themselves are telling us how they’re being pressured into “transitioning” children by campaigners and other external forces. The transgender movement is not a movement backed by science, it’s a movement that penetrated science after being propelled by social engineering.

You know who would love everyone to be possessed by transgender demons?

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