UK: Diverse Moslems Attack Diverse Faggots in London

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2017

After throwing them off rooftops, Moslems also stone faggots just for the lulz

Somehow, I doubt faggots will ever reconsider their stance on flooding their own countries with subhumans who, unlike White people, simply cannot control the natural urge to smash their faces.

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Police in Walthamstow have issued e-fit images of suspects wanted in connection with two homophobic assaults on gay men who were told they were “not welcome” in the area.

I can’t really think of any place where faggots would be welcome, other than a synagogue.

According to a statement on the Metropolitan Police website, the first attack was perpetrated on Sunday, October 8th against a 47-year-old man who was walking along High Street, Walthamstow E17, with his with his partner after a night out.

“They were approached by a man who asked them if he could take a picture of them, and then asked if they were gay,” the statement explains.

“The two men walked away, but the suspect then grabbed hold of the victim and said ‘you are not welcome’ and grappled with him.”

There are literally hundreds of far worse attacks than this on normal Europeans every day, and not only are they not reported by the (((media))), but even posting about them yourself on the internet can get you arrested.

I guess being an “oppressed minority” has it’s perks…

While the victims in this first case were left shaken but uninjured, the second incident was more violent.

Taking place just under a month later on Saturday, November 4th, this even saw a 31-year-old man accosted by “three men” who were unknown to him as he walked along Hoe Street, E17, with two friends.

“One of them punched the victim in the face and shouted homophobic abuse at him,” the statement records.

“The punch caused the victim to fall to the floor and the attacker made off.

“The victim suffered a black eye and cuts and bruises — he did not require hospital treatment.

Awwww, poor faggot. I’m sure taking a fist in the face hurt more than taking it up your asshole.

“The victims, who were both left extremely shaken after the incidents, provided detailed descriptions of the attacker from which the two e-fits were produced.”

Based on the descriptions they received, police have not ruled out the possibility that the same men were behind both attacks.

These subhumans are so inbred they basically all look the same, so that’s not really gonna help you much.

More and more stuff like this is gonna happen, and that’s a good thing.

Sexual deviants of various kinds are the Jew’s most loyal foot soldiers, and the enemies of civilization.

If you take a look at the employees of any kike-run media outlet and count the faggots, they’re usually at least 10-20 times overrepresented, and work far harder than the Jew’s non-deviant shabbos goy to promote an anti-White agenda.

Media control is the single most important pillar of Jewish power, by a very wide margin, and they know it.

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