UK: Digger Driver Goes on Sudden Digger Rampage, Causes £700,000 in Damages

As was assumed would be the case, we’re finally starting to see people flip out every single day as a result of the pressure of the lockdown.

The Sun:

A raging digger-driver went on a bulldozing rampage, leaving a £700,000-plus trail of destruction.

He smashed through a series of portable cabins at a metal recycling plant with the terrified staff apparently still trapped inside.

And then he used the yellow machine to flip over a fully loaded 44-ton lorry.

Shocking aerial pictures show the huge amount of damage.

The total damage is estimated to be more than £700,000.

The driver, said to be a long-serving employee, began unleashing havoc at 6.15am on Wednesday at the plant on the Court Lane Industrial Estate.

A member of staff at the site: “He had worked there for years and then this happened. It has really shocked everyone.”

Right now, it’s only people who were already close to the edge that are losing their minds.

But as this Virus System continues, and continues to intensify, even people who were normal will move closer and closer to the edge.

Everyone has a psychological breaking point. That is true even for someone such as Batman.

Batman is the single most cool and collected guy, but eventually he will lose his marbles from too much pressure – especially from the pressure of fighting crime.

No single person on earth is too stable to eventually go insane if the right amount of psychic pressure is applied. Currently, we are watching the build up of psychological pressure, universally, across more or less the entire planet (mostly excluding China and apparently Africa).

On a long enough timeline, everyone’s ability to maintain composure drops to zero.

The is an analogy-heavy website, so we have an analogy:

Imagine if everyone had a large pack chained to their backs.

Imagine, for the sake of the analogy, that it was somehow permanently fixed to people’s backs, with unbreakable straps.

Then, imagine that every day, a single pebble was added to everyone’s pack.

Slowly, people would start to fall over and not be able to get up, as the packs became too heavy. Weaker people would fall first. But eventually even very strong people could not continue to carry a pack that is slowly getting heavier every day.

You’re seeing the first people begin to drop now. But we’re reaching the level where it will be more and more people.

No one can indefinitely maintain the pressure of this mask thing, the constantly threat of impending doom, the government abuses, the entire tranny thing and the black thing. Everyone will crack.