UK: Diane Abbott’s Son has Been Chimping Out for Six Months

Daily Stormer
January 2, 2020

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott is a mad fat black bitch known for her hatred of Whitey and for the periodic brain impairment she suffers due to (she claims) high blood sugar levels caused by her morbid obesity and consequent diabetes.

If Jeremy Corbyn had won the British general election, she would have been Home Secretary with responsibilities covering law & order, the intelligence services and immigration.

Which makes it pretty funny that her son has been chimping out for six months, attacking all manner of British public officials, ranging from police to healthcare workers.

Daily Mail:

Diane Abbott’s son was in court yesterday after being charged with a string of violent offences including allegedly beating up police, emergency workers and doctors as well as exposing himself in a hospital.

James Abbott-Thompson appeared before a judge at Thames Magistrates Court where he was accused of 11 crimes – most of them on NHS property.

James Abbott-Thompson

He is alleged to have gone on the rampage attacking nine people including five emergency workers, two of whom were assaulted on the same day.

The 28-year-old faces nine charges of assault, a charge of racially aggravated criminal damage and one of exposure over the past five months.

Abbott sent her son to an expensive private school in Africa so he could get in touch with his roots and imbibe the true spirit of his ancestors. It looks like he certainly did.

The alleged attacks took place over the last six months at three London hospitals, the Homerton Hospital in Hackney, the Royal Free in Hampstead and Mile End Hospital in Tower Hamlets.

The last assault on a hospital worker is said to have taken place just two days before Christmas.

He also faces one count of exposure on a hospital ward.

Yesterday the Cambridge graduate appeared at Thames Magistrates Court in Bromley-by-Bow.

District Judge Jane McIvor granted Abbott-Thompson bail yesterday ahead of a further hearing at Wood Green Crown Court next month.

It gets better. This nigga was a diplomat!

The former diplomat left the Foreign Office in June this year just weeks before the first alleged attack on July 26 when he is accused of carrying out three attacks including two on emergency workers outside Homerton Hospital and elsewhere in Hackney where his mother lives.

Abbott-Thompson had formerly enjoyed a meteoric rise within the Foreign Office after joining Diplomatic Fast Stream in 2014.

After two and a half years in London, he was stationed in the British Embassy in Rome and was appointed as the First Secretary for Exiting the EU.

At the age of just 27 he was working alongside the British Ambassador in Italy advising the British Consul and representatives of the British community in Italy about their rights post Brexit.

Obvious questions must be asked.

What led to the end of his “meteoric career” at the Foreign Office?

Why was he allowed to chimp out for 6 months without being stopped?

How and why were all reports of this somehow suppressed until after the election was over?

And, most importantly, when will the entire Abbott family be sent back to Africa?