UK: Defense Chief Throws America Under the Bus, Sides with Taliban

What can you say?

People like WINNERS.


The UK’s chief of the defence staff has called for nations to give the ‘country boys’ from the Taliban “space to form a government,” saying his assessment is that this group is “more reasonable” and “less repressive.”

General Sir Nick Carter, who leads the British armed forces, issued his assessment on Wednesday after speaking to former Afghan president Hamid Karzai, who is set to meet with the Taliban imminently.

“It may well be a Taliban that is more reasonable,” Carter stated, adding that his assessment is that the group is “less repressive” than in the past, pointing to “the way it is governing Kabul at the moment.” Describing the leadership of the group, Carter called the Taliban “country boys” who respect the traditional “Pashtunwali” tribal way of life, as well as the code of conduct held by that group.

The high-ranking military figure indicated that the Taliban has learned from its past regime and is set to take a more moderate approach, as its members do not “want to become international pariahs again.”

“We have to be patient, we have to hold our nerve and we have to give them the space to form a government and we have to give them the space to show their credentials.”

Citing the ongoing evacuation of UK personnel and refugees from Afghanistan, Carter said the British Army is “cooperating with the Taliban on the ground” and, in the short time since Kabul fell, they have formed “a very straightforward relationship.”

I knew he was a traitor when I saw those Chinese letters on his shirt.

But seriously: this isn’t even the final humiliation.

This is the beginning of the end of the Evil Empire, and there are many, many, many more humiliations to come.

But if we’re already at the point where the UK is saying “ah well, I’m sure those Taliban guys are okay – they seem alright to me,” then imagine what people are saying in Poland, the Baltics, Vietnam, Taiwan, and all of these other places where ZOG has made people promises.

Who is going to fight for an empire that can’t hold down a gaggle of untrained cave people, even when they have a blank check for unlimited resources?

Meanwhile, Russia and China are standing there, trying not to break out laughing, telling all of these countries that they’re ready to make reasonable deals.

It’s a long road ahead. Many people are going to die. Many are going to be tortured. Children will be raped, and their genitals mutilated. The Evil Empire still has fuel in the tank.

But the end has begun.

Whereas just recently, a victory over the forces of Jewish Vagino-Anus Doctrine appeared impossible, we are now able to visualize how this victory could happen.

The impact that this scene that took place over the weekend is going to have on the world simply cannot be overstated.

The entire world saw that for all of their infinite resources, the Jewish machine is a paper tiger. They are so incompetent that if they had the most powerful weapon on earth, that was activated by the push of a button, they would slip on a banana peel while trying to push the button and crack their head open on the console.

Take heed, brothers: for you may be among the lucky ones who get to see the final days of the Last Jewish Fiasco.