UK: Deaths from Alcohol Reach Record High During Lockdown

This is shocking.

No one could have predicted that turning society on its head, banning work and social interaction, would result in an increase in alcoholism.

Well, a couple people predicted it, but they were neo-Nazis and Russian anime masturbators, and we couldn’t listen to them because they are pure evil.

BBC News:

Deaths caused by alcohol hit a new high during the first nine months of 2020, provisional figures for England and Wales show.

Between January and September, 5,460 deaths were registered with this cause – up 16% on the same months in 2019.
It is the biggest toll recorded since records began in 2001.

The high rates spanned the period during and after the first Covid lockdown, the Office for National Statistics figures show.

It reached a peak of 12.8 deaths per 100,000 people in the first three months of 2020 and remained at this level through to September – higher than in any other time on record.

As in past years, rates of male alcohol-specific deaths were twice those seen for women.

Experts say the coronavirus pandemic will have had little effect on how the data was gathered and recorded.
But it is not clear how much it may have contributed to the deaths.

As I’ve said from the absolute beginning: there is no scenario where the deaths from the lockdown will not be much higher than the deaths from the virus. That’s true even if you believe the official statistics. Even some official studies have admitted this, but ultimately decided that it is better to let people die from substance abuse, suicide, medical problems caused or worsened by the lockdown, and so on, than it is to let them risk getting the flu.

I don’t personally know anyone who has died from coronavirus. I also don’t know anyone who knows anyone who has died from the coronavirus. However, I know people who died from substance abuse issues in 2020. I think we all do.

These people do not care about our health, they never cared about our health, this was always about control.