UK: Darwin Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History Getting Canceled by Black Lives Matter

I’ve said for the longest time that the theory of evolution must be racist, as it basically says that black people are the missing link between man and ape.

I mean, seriously – just look at them.

Everyone knows they look like apes.

Remember when they flipped out over the H&M ad that had a black child in the hoodie that read, “coolest monkey in the jungle”?

Or when they flipped out over that Australian Serena Williams cartoon?

Here’s the question: if liberals don’t know they look like apes, why are these things immediately offensive?

Clearly, everyone knows they look like apes, and the issue that liberals have is that you shouldn’t point that out, because it’s mean.

Now, the chickens are coming home to roost for Charles Darwin himself.

Daily Mail:

The Natural History museum is conducting a review into potentially ‘offensive’ collections including its Charles Darwin exhibitions.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, museum bosses have ordered an audit into certain collections that some staff believe are ‘legacies of colonies, slavery and empire’.

Rooms, statues and collected items in the museum that could be ‘problematic’ may be renamed, relabelled, or removed.

The review into the museum’s links to slavery and colonialism could result in a potential overhaul of the museum’s collections and public spaces.

In documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph, museum staff were told that as a result of the Black Lives Matter protests, the museum would undertake a review of room names, statues and collections that ‘could potentially cause offence’.

The executive board of the Natural History museum is said to be ‘very engaged’ with the issue and circulated an academic paper to staff which claimed ‘science, racism, and colonial power were inherently entwined‘.

The paper proposes publicly acknowledging the past to create ‘less racist’ museums.

Collections under review include specimens of exotic birds gathered by naturalist Charles Darwin on his expedition to the Galapagos Island with Captain Robert FitzRoy on HMS Beagle in 1835.

I’m not personally the biggest believer in the theory of Darwinian evolution myself. Even with my skepticism, however, my biggest issue with it has always been that there isn’t any open debate. You’re not allowed to discuss it critically in universities, and the federal government effectively says that not teaching children that Darwinian evolution is a fact in public school is a violation of the Constitutional separation of church and state.

What I would want to see with the theory of evolution is what I want to see everywhere: free and open inquiry, and public debate. That is the opposite of tearing down museum exhibits because they offend people. I don’t think this should happen to any idea or theory, ever. Everything should be open. Allowing the free flow of ideas is the single and only path to enlightenment.

It should be extremely disturbing to see open attacks on science. Because you can tear down Darwin exhibits, sure. But if you’ve decided that “science is racist,” then it’s not going to be long before you have a situation where things stop working. Our society requires science to function.

Communism is defined by regressiveness: the society moves backward.

That is what we are seeing everywhere now.

The society is moving backwards, literally devolving, and that is being cheered on by the entire establishment, primarily the media and the government.