UK: Crowds Now Enjoying Nightlife, Getting Drunk, Not Caring About Coronavirus

If people believed in the coronavirus hoax, they wouldn’t be breaking the social distancing rules now.

But no one really cares about the virus — especially not women.

Pictured: the moral authority of the West.

The situation, right now, is even clearer than before: the police are actively trying to keep people from socializing.

Daily Mail:

Police shut down raves across London last night as Britons freed from lockdown restrictions cast social distancing aside and partied into the early hours.

For a second successive night pubs and bars were rammed – with parks and other open areas also busy with revellers unconcerned about a second wave of coronavirus.

Large areas of northeast London were put under ‘dispersal orders’ by police as they battled to shut down a series of illegal music events.

The northeast London shutdown came on the second day of widespread post-lockdown boozing, after thousands seized the opportunity to celebrate eased restrictions on what was dubbed ‘Super Saturday’.

Social distancing was in tatters after drunkenness, brawls and vomiting returned to the country’s nightlife – when millions of pints were poured on the long-awaited night of heavy drinking.

Britons had continued the previous night’s revelry on Sunday and flocked to beer gardens, bars and the streets of Soho, London to enjoy a much-anticipated pint after new regulations allowing pubs in England to reopen came into force.

Many pubs and bars saw restrained scenes with drunkers sticking to the ‘new normal’ social distancing rules and police laid the blame for rowdiness with people who couldn’t handle their alcohol.

Police Federation Chairman John Apter recalled dealing with ‘naked men, happy drunks, angry drunks, fights and more angry drunks’ while on duty in Southampton on Saturday.

What was crystal clear is that drunk people can’t/won’t socially distance,’ he Tweeted.

It’s not just drunk people. No one who goes out cares about the social distancing stuff. The few who want to practice this social distancing thing are all staying home, scared of the flu.

We know that the lockdown was totally useless and that people want to go out and interact with other human beings. People can decide for themselves what risks to take. The government and the police should stop trying to enforce inhuman social distancing rules and give everyone back their rights.

This totalitarian crap has been going on for months. Enough is enough.