UK: Councillor Jokes That the Quickest Way to Rid the Area of Gypsies Would be to Execute Them All

Daily Stormer
October 25, 2014

Cllr Alan Mellins enjoys a good lol
Cllr Alan Mellins enjoys a good lol

A councillor has jokingly suggested that the easiest way to clear out gypsies would be to execute them.

Maidenhead Advertiser:

Conservative councillor for Cox Green Alan Mellins made the offensive comment at a planning and housing overview and scrutiny panel meeting in Maidenhead Town Hall on Monday.

The panel was discussing how to respond to the Government’s consultation on planning and traveller families. The consultation deals with changing planning policy so it applies ‘fairly’ to both traveller and settled communities.

Councillors were discussing how long it can take to evict travellers who do not have planning permission.

The members referenced a traveller site in Shurlock Row, where travellers first settled in 2009.

The borough’s head of planning, Simon Hurrell told the panel that Cllr David Evans, who was not at the meeting, had asked for suggestions on how to speed up the process to evict travellers.

Cllr Mellins then said: “Execute them.”

The Cox Green councillor said afterwards that he apologises for the offence caused.

He said: “The remark was an ill judged remark, which I did not intend to be taken seriously. It doesn’t reflect my views.”

When asked if it is appropriate for him to sit on future panels, Cllr Mellins said: “I do not have any prejudices. I do not consider myself to have any anyway.”

This is clearly just a funny quip he made, which any normal person would just laugh at, or not, and simply let slide. Yet in the modern UK, he himself is liable to get executed for the remark.

We’ll see how this works out for him, but I doubt there is any chance he will be allowed to keep his position, and he may be forced into some sort of Clockwork Orange-style brainwashing program.

The actual and literal future of the British Justice System.
The actual and literal future of the British Justice System.