UK: Council Permits Building of Mosque on Remote Scottish Island

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2018

Off the west coast of Scotland is an island chain called the Outer Hebrides.

Almost all of the Hebrides’ 27,000 residents are ethnic Scots who are united in their heritage, faith and traditional Gaelic language.

Probably a nice, cozy place to live, right?

Israeli studies show that the natives are, in fact, a miserable and deprived people. Their menus lack kebabs, their elderly lack pensions, their schoolgirls lack ficki ficki and their mornings lack the Islamic call to prayer.

In other words, the Outer Hebrides needs the vibrancy that only diverse enrichment can bring.

But don’t worry, a worshipful shrine to Allah is already coming!

Daily Mail:

The first mosque in the Outer Hebrides will open this summer after backers raised more than £50,000 in an online appeal.

It is expected to open despite the Presbyterian Free Church urging its followers to pray that ‘no mosque will ever appear in Stornoway’, the main town on the Isle of Lewis where a house is to be converted.

A crowdfunding campaign for the mosque, which has been granted planning permission by the Western Isles Council, raised £56,000 within days of being started by builder Aihtsham Rashid.

The 39-year-old from Leeds had been contacted by the growing Syrian community on Lewis, whose relatively small numbers were recently swollen by the arrival of six refugee families from the war-torn country.

Mr Rashid said: ‘Against all odds and opposition from the Free Church of Scotland they have now been granted permission to build. I have been personally requested to go up and help them with the build and planning due to my experience in building mosques.’

Some of you might recognize these Celts from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

However, the mosque faces strong resistance from some Presbyterians.

The Free Church of Scotland urged its congregation to pray that ‘no mosque will ever appear’ after the planning decision. In a press release at the end of last year the Rev David M Blunt, of the Presbytery of the Outer Hebrides, said Islam was ‘incompatible with, and indeed a threat to, our religious and civil liberties…

‘The oppression of Christians and the reduced status of women under Islam are well-known, as is the willingness of some of its followers to spread its influence by violent means.’

So this inbred, camel-faced Paki knew that his people weren’t welcome on the island. The local Church, in a surprising example of uncuckery, made that clear.

Yet instead of saying “ah, forget it then,” which would be the standard response from someone who isn’t brown, the Paki starts a fundraiser to build it anyway as a huge middle finger to both the Church and the white residents it represents.


Are these Moslems… conquering us?

Is that why they keep imposing themselves on Europe with complete disregard for its citizens’ concerns?

2 + 2 = ???

Seriously, I don’t understand how the average Bong could read this report and not accept that there is an obvious agenda, sanctioned from the top, to transform the UK into an Islamic caliphate.

It’s one thing for authorities to permit mosque-building in a major city with a large, pre-existing Moslem population. Quite another for authorities – in this case the Western Isles Council – to permit the same on a northernmost isle whose residents are basically saying “piss off .”

Deliberate Islamization is the only conclusion a sane man can reach.