UK: “Coronavirus Medal” for Health Care Workers Coming Soon

The real heroes of the so-called pandemic are not the people who endured months without working and without any kind of human contact. No, no. The heroes are the people who continued to work normally in deserted hospitals.

They went to work, every day, knowing that there was not much to do, and they danced.

They danced to keep themselves busy while they waited for someone to need them.

Because someone could have needed them.

They are the true heroes of our time.

Daily Mail:

Frontline NHS and care workers who have helped saved lives during the coronavirus crisis could soon by awarded a new Covid-19 medal.

Ministers are said to be considering introducing the medal to formally recognise the contributions made by key workers.

It is thought the humanitarian medal could be rolled out as soon as September.

Plans have apparently been circulated to numerous Whitehall departments setting out how the medal could be brought forward.

Meanwhile, a separate medal is also expected to be created to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee in 2022.

A similar medal was issued to public servants to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee in 2012.

All five living former prime ministers, along with the Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, have backed calls for a coronavirus medal.

The Government is thought to be keen to formally recognise the contributions made by frontline workers during the pandemic.

However, it is yet to formally agree on a strategy to do so.

A Whitehall source told The Sunday Times: ‘It’s clear the Government is now giving serious consideration to creating a Covid-19 medal and has been consulting on proposals for a medal that will be launched to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

It means those who have put themselves in harm’s way could be recognised within months.’

Boris Johnson has previously said he understands there is a ‘huge appetite across the country to say thank you to all all those on the frontline’.

Sources said that a coronavirus medal would likely be used to recognise the ‘unsung heroes’ of the outbreak.

Absolute nonsense.

Health care workers were less at risk during this so-called pandemic than they were before the virus. Coronavirus is on the same threat level as the flu. The lockdown is so useless in reducing the spread that in most places, infections actually decreased after lifting it.

Suggesting that health care workers somehow risked their lives to save people, at this point, with all of these studies with actual data that we have now, is insulting.

Health care workers are absolute scum who played along with the hysteria that the government and media promoted because they got drunk on being treated as heroes, while the rest of the people were losing their jobs and begging the government to work.

They are the lowest kind of filth.

They should be held responsible for this.

They deserve to be punished – not receive medals.