UK: “Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme” Gives Millions of Pounds to Billionaire Elite, Dubai and Saudi Royals

Dubai’s ruler Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum got some of that sweet coronavirus relief too.

What is going on?

Where are the adults?

Daily Mail:

Billionaire tax exiles, an oil-rich nation and Saudi royals have claimed millions of pounds under the furlough scheme, an investigation reveals.

The super-rich owners made the ‘obscene’ claims for taxpayers’ cash for staff who were sent home after their businesses, which include the Ritz Hotel and Harrods department stores, were closed under coronavirus restrictions.

The cost of the scheme is set to hit £66bn when it comes to an end in September, helping push the UK’s national debt well over £2trillion.

The recipients include the Qatari owners of Harrods and the Ritz, who claimed £3million in December alone, and members of the Saudi royal family received up to £55,000, according to the Guardian.

Tax exiles Jim Ratcliffe, the owner of chemicals company Ineos, and private equity tycoon Guy Hands also own companies that claimed under the scheme, as did billionaires Evgeny Lebedev, Len Blavatnik and Mohamed Al Fayed.

Dubai’s government and its ruler Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum have also claimed for a ‘six-star’ concierge service for VIPs.

The list, drawn from Government disclosures on the 750,000 businesses using the scheme in December 2020, has sparked fury amongst MPs who accused ministers of scattering public money ‘like confetti’.

Others argued the extremely wealthy could afford to pay their own staff, rather than turn to the coronavirus jobs retention scheme (CJRS).

Why did they create an acronym for that?