UK: Cops Being Attacked Constantly as They Enforce Anti-Human Lockdown Rules

I don’t know why the cops wouldn’t expect a backlash.

These people are simple sycophants, pushing the sick agenda of the ruling elite.

People are sick of being told what to do all the time by these bullies.


Christmas is typically associated with acts of kindness and merry-making, but it appears the goodwill was not extended to police in Sussex. The force has reported more than a dozen assaults on its officers during the holiday.

In a statement published on its website, Sussex Police said that at least 16 officers had been assaulted while on duty across the county on Christmas Day.

The violent incidents included spitting, kicking, punching and biting, while one officer suffered a dislocated shoulder. The force condemned the “significant” number of assaults as “completely unacceptable” and said such behaviour would not be tolerated.

Of the 16 incidents recorded, 12 occurred in West Sussex and four occurred in Brighton and Hove, the statement read.

Sussex Police did not disclose details about the circumstances behind the attacks, but Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Rayland seemed to hint that the public was lashing out at police at least in part due to coronavirus restrictions put in place over the Christmas holiday.

“We know things are tough at the moment, especially during the festive season, but we’re all in this together. Whatever the circumstances, there is absolutely no excuse to assault a police officer, and anyone found guilty of committing such an offence will be dealt with robustly,” he said.

Why won’t the cops refuse to enforce these orders?

Why will they do everything that the government tells them to do, even when it is against the will of the people, and they can see firsthand that they are not helping anyone?

Well, presumably, this has something to do with their psychology. But it doesn’t really matter. What matters is this: we now know that whatever the government demands, the cops are going to be happy to enforce it against the will of the people.