UK: Cops and Dog Cop Punched by Man in a Rage Who was Told He Couldn’t Board the Train

Lady Cop, pictured with her German boyfriend, was punched by a dirty pleb who thought he had a right to move around in public.

The real victims of this lockdown are not the people who have been put out of work, had their lives destroyed and are being driven insane.

Oh, no.

The real victims are the enforcers of this brutal police state who are forced to deal with the people that they have driven to the edge of sanity.

God help our boys and girls in blue, for they are the heroes we, the disease-ridden peasant filth, do not deserve.

Sky News:

A man who attacked police officers and beat a police dog with a plank of wood after being asked if his journey was essential has been jailed.

Nelson Nelson, from Birmingham, struck the canine several times with a plank of wood with nails in it during the “violent rampage” earlier this month.

The 29-year-old also assaulted three officers in the frenzied attack, punching two in the face after he was refused travel at Nottingham railway station.

He was sentenced to four years in prison on Monday after previously admitting offences including two counts of actual bodily harm, assault with intent to resist arrest and assaulting an emergency worker, Nottinghamshire Police said.

I truly feel for the police who have driven the entire population insane by locking them in their houses. These innocent boys and girls in blue are now going to become the target of the people they’ve driven insane, by no fault of their own.

When will the goyim understand just how deadly this virus is, and that a deadly virus means you don’t have any rights?

When will they thank the cops for bullying them and driving them into an insane rage?

When will the true heroes of public health be honored for their bravery, their perseverance, their dancing skills?

Even if you don’t agree with the lockdown, and you think that human beings should have rights, you must agree that these brutal lady cops are just following orders.

After all, following World War II, many people were angry at the Nazis. However, the Nuremberg Tribunal decided that the Nazis couldn’t be punished for their crimes, because they were just following orders.

Don’t lady cops deserve at least the same benefit of the doubt as the Nazis?

Do you really have to hit them with a plank?