UK: Cop Investigated for Making Joke About Curry

If we allow racism among the cops, it won’t be long until everyone in the country is making curry jokes.


A British police officer is facing racial misconduct charges for joking “maybe I should start eating curry” on hearing of a South Asian man aged 105.

Police Constable David Warwick is said to have made the humorous remark while speaking to a fellow officer of Indian heritage at Shepcote Lane police station, near the Sheffield suburb of Tinsley, South Yorkshire, back in July 2020.

“It is alleged that on 20 July, 2020, whilst at Shepcote Lane Police Station, PC Warwick was in conversation with another police officer who is of British Indian heritage. It is alleged that during that conversation, in jest he used a racist, offensive, inappropriate and or discriminatory word,” according to a semi-literate statement quoted by local media.

“It is alleged that when learning of an Asian male who was 105 years old, PC Warwick made a comment in the following or similar terms: ‘Maybe I should start eating curry’,” the statement continued gravely.

“The above comment was racially offensive, included the use of a racial stereotype, inappropriate; and/or discriminatory in nature,” it concluded, in terms which leave it open to question if South Yorkshire Police is treating the allegations against its officer as allegations ahead of his gross misconduct hearing or if it has already decided he is guilty.

The fact that this man ate curry had nothing to do with his long life.

His long life was just a coincidence, like everything else that happens in the universe.

This is still a thing, by the way