UK: “Conservative” Politician Who Promoted Gender Neutral Toilets Arrested for Molesting Children

Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

Whoever came up with “you can’t judge a book by its cover” was probably a pedophile

To date, nobody has ever been capable of telling me a single thing people who call themselves “conservatives” have managed to conserve.

Not even the illusion that they’re even trying.


A politician who pushed for the introduction of “gender neutral” toilets shortly after his election has been charged with nine counts of sexual touching of a child.

David Smith successfully petitioned the Mayor of Middlesborough to trial gender neutral toilets at Middlesbrough Council shortly after his election to the local authority in Teeside, Yorkshire, as a politician representing the Conservative Party, according to the BBC.

Why would anybody vote for a party that does the exact same things as all the other parties they’re supposedly opposed to?

What kind of defective retard looks at that fat mug and decides “yeah, this is who I want to represent me?”

Councillor Smith resigned from the notionally right-leaning party — described as “not really conservative” by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in a recent interview with Breitbart News — with “immediate effect in light of the allegations” against him.

He added that he “completely reject[s]” the “spurious allegations”, however, claiming that he was only “removing myself from the party [to] ensure I can focus all my efforts on fighting to clear my name.”

Nevertheless, reports suggest he intends to remain on the council — allowing him to continue receiving a reported £6,378 in basic allowance — for the time being.

Being in a political party is stopping you from clearing your name, but having an actual job doesn’t?

Funny how that works…

Smith said he had “worked hard to ensure I serve the people of Coulby Newham” — the ward to which he was elected only around two months ago — “to the best of my ability.”

The 30-year-old claimed “tackling the issue of pot holes”, “ordering bollards to be installed”, and “being a very proud advocate of the local LGBTQ community” as career highlights.

“This is who I am as a person and a community activist,” he said, insisting that “The allegations made against my character are nothing more than damaging lies and moving forward, I will seek to prove this is the case in a court of law.”

How impressive… Especially the part where you made sure grown men can look at little girls while they’re pissing. That’s a really big achievement.

Britcucks should pick you as prime minister; the potholeless roads are gonna make them feel better about living in an open air Moslem rape camp run by Jews and pedophiles.

Smith was previously the subject of controversy when it emerged that he had suggested the country has issues with “rotten pond life families that should be sterilised and washed” while posting on an association football forum under the moniker “Smoggy89”.

He was referring to people who have lots of children while living on welfare.

He was actually partially right about the sterilization, but he was wrong about who should be removed from the gene pool first and foremost – disgusting freaks like him.

And the sooner that happens, the better.

And don’t worry about his trial – even if he gets convicted, he probably won’t go to prison.

There is no justice in Britain.