UK: Colored “British” Students Rejected from Medical School as NHS Continues to Import Literal Savages

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

Last month, we learned that a street-shitter with a shit-eating grin, who for some reason had become Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, was behind the ongoing push to flood the NHS with witch doctors and shamen from the Third World.

On an insanity scale of 1-10, whereby 1 = Third Reich and 10 = Sweden, that’s probably a solid 9.

Here’s where it rises to 10, making Sweden a little antsy: the UK is so hungry for primitive alien “doctors” that it is actively rejecting “British” coloreds who exceed existing university requirements!

Daily Mail:

For as long as she can remember, Molly Sandhu has dreamed of being a doctor — and when a set of knockout A-level results landed on her doormat two years ago, that noble ambition seemed one big step closer to reality.

With straight ‘A’ grades in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology, the industrious teenager from Swindon boasted a CV brimming with not just academic but also personal achievements.

But to her dismay, it wasn’t to be. Molly received straight rejections from three of the four establishments; the final one called her for an interview and then broke the news that she still hadn’t made the cut.

Sorry Molly, but you just aren’t diverse enough. I mean, look at you. You’re wearing clothes ffs. And is that a stethoscope around your neck? Good Lord, how whitewashed can you get?

Sure, back in the noughties every university in the nation would have begged to enroll you to meet diversity requirements. But it’s not the noughties anymore. It’s 2018, and pajeets with British passports are just too Westernized for the UK government’s taste.

Simren Dhaliwal is another pajeet that didn’t make the cut, presumably because she could speak English.

Which brings us back to our medical schools — or, rather, the lack of them. For against this backdrop, the fact that more than half of all young people seeking to enrol at medical school each year are being turned away — including hundreds of straight-A students with glittering CVs — is little short of scandalous.

Take the case of Thandeka Xhakaza, who achieved four A grades at A-level and applied to medical school aged 18 with a CV that included stints in the Air Cadets, a Duke of Edinburgh silver award, and years gaining valuable experience working in a pharmacy in her home town of Taunton.

After applying for medicine and being turned down by all of her chosen universities, she enrolled at Surrey University and gained a First Class degree in Osteopathy.

Again, she attempted to win a place at medical school, this time as a graduate student, but again she was turned down.


This is unprecedented.

I can understand pajeets being rejected. Even in America, pajeets get rejected from affirmative action positions for being… I dunno. Too Caucasoid, I guess.

But in America, those pajeets will get accepted if they change their race to “black” on the application form.

In the UK, however, even members of the lowest race on the planet will get rejected if they’re Western-educated, thus deemed too competent to operate on white people.

As with so many of the problems afflicting the NHS, the chronic shortage in medical school places has been a major issue for decades, and has got worse under both Tory and Labour governments.

Inevitably, it boils down to one thing: money.

While students pay fees of around £9,000 per year, that doesn’t come close to covering the full cost of their tuition. The rest — equating to between £175,000 and £230,000 over the course of a five-year degree — is met by the taxpayer via grants to each of Britain’s 38 medical schools.

Yeah… no.

As with most societal problems that just happen to negatively impact whites, money is just a cover story. The people at the top basically have infinite money, and besides, taking even a small amount of money from the government’s black ops budget would cover those tuition costs indefinitely.

That would never happen, of course, because the intended goal – the only goal, really – is to flood the country with low IQ savages. I’m not sure how that could be denied at this point. It’s one thing to favor colored “British” medical students over white ones in the pursuit of integration, but if you’re also rejecting those colored students in favor of Somali warlords and African bushmen, then your goal is obvious: to destroy the country.

And we all know who’s behind this goal, don’t we?