UK: City Plans to Test All Residents for Coronavirus Every Week, Experts Say It’s the Best Plan

“More untested civilians there.”

The Totalitarian Police State Dystopia nightmare is just getting started.

They’re now planning to test all people for the virus every week, on top of tracking everyone’s every move, as some kind of condition to give people some of their rights back. As if there is such a thing as conditional rights.

Daily Mail:

Norwich is hoping to find the key to ending the lockdown by testing all its 140,000 citizens every week for coronavirus.

Scientists working in the city’s labs want to be the first in the UK to check every resident so they can track the virus and halt its spread.

They hope their ambitious plan will allow a little more freedom to its residents before a vaccine for Covid-19 is found.

Notice how the media, experts, scientists, and even the government are now talking as if it was common knowledge that the lockdown will last until a vaccine is ready.

That was never the deal.

When they put the lockdown in place, they told us that it was meant to “flatten the curve,” meaning that they wanted to prevent too many infections from happening at once and overwhelming the hospitals, in order to ensure that everyone catching the virus would be able to get treatment.

It was never about preventing people from ever catching the virus.

Experts say the scheme is the best way to ‘get rid of the pandemic’ and save the economy. If successful it could be extended across the country.

Norwich and another provincial city, Southampton, have submitted proposals to the Department of Health to pilot mass testing schemes.

In Norwich, best known for its impressive cathedral and as the home of Colman’s mustard, bin men, taxi drivers and Army reservists could be used to deliver and collect swabs from households.

The barcoded samples would be taken to laboratories and processed by a team of biologists in batches. It could cost just £1 per test.

Those who test positive would be asked to isolate and then ‘aggressive’ contact tracing would take place to try to stop the virus spreading.

The rate of asymptomatic infections, which pose the biggest threat, could be also be tracked – giving the Government vital information about the virus’s transmission.

The project would use the same testing method currently used by the Government to detect Covid-19.

The test, done by taking a cheek swab, is sent to a lab to seek evidence of the ‘antigen’ – the virus causing the illness.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if they told people that the only way out of the lockdown is to have some kind of flying robot drone following every person around at all times, recording their every move and sending it back to “expert headquarters” for “analysis.”

They are going to keep pushing to see how far they can go before people start pushing back.