UK: Chief Rabbi is Out Campaigning Against Labour

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2019

It’s a bit hilarious that the globalist snake Jews are forced to support the Brexit candidate because the socialist candidate has allied with the Moslems in a bid to have them all masturbated to death and turned into lampshades and soap.


The Chief Rabbi has strongly criticised Labour, claiming the party is not doing enough to root out anti-Jewish racism – and asked people to “vote with their conscience” in the general election.

In the Times, Ephraim Mirvis said “a new poison – sanctioned from the very top – has taken root” in the party.

Labour’s claim it had investigated all cases of anti-Semitism in its ranks was a “mendacious fiction”, he added.

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour is tackling anti-Semitism by expelling members.

It comes as Labour launches a “race and faith manifesto”, which aims to improve protections for all faiths and tackle prejudice.

The thing about that issue is that Moslems just generally hate the Jews.

Unless they’re that bitch in the tube who protected a kike from an astute negro scholar the other day.

And I’m sure there are others.

But you can’t make a party that has such a large percentage of Moslems as the British Labour Party and have it not be filled with people who hate the Jews, or at the very least, seek to dissolve the state of Israel.

This is going to become more and more of a problem for the Jews, what with all of the Moslems they flooded Europe with.

In the long term, they will obviously make deals – they did fine in Islamic occupied Spain and in the Ottoman Empire. But in the shorter term, there is going to be a lot of issues for the Jews during the process of Islamification of Europe.

However, don’t be so absurd as to imagine that they’re going to pull back on or in any way slow the process of demographic transformation, because they most certainly are not going to do that. Their single most important goal as a race is to exterminate white Christians.