England Celebrates “Freedom Day” as Coronavirus Restrictions Supposedly Being Lifted

Oh, so the government is just going to give everyone their freedoms back, huh?

Seems plausible.

After all, the government does love us.


Partygoers all across England flocked to newly reopened nightclubs to mark what has become known as “Freedom Day,” as the bulk of Covid-19 restrictions were lifted at the stroke of midnight.

Footage shared on social media showed long queues forming outside London’s nightclub venues on Sunday ahead of the much-anticipated reopening at midnight, when most of the remaining coronavirus restrictions, including mask mandates and social distancing, became moot.

These people obviously truly believe they’re getting their freedom, just like they truly believed that the coronavirus was the Spanish flu and truly believed that untested gene therapy fake “vaccines” were safe and effective to stop a virus that doesn’t exist.

So the number one thing these people wanted to do this whole time was crowd into a disgusting nightclub with vicious loud music and worship women?


Unfortunately for these dimwitted morons, there is no freedom.

The media and the governments of the world have already said that this British reopening is going to be a disaster that will kill many people.

What that means is that they will fix the PCR tests and record a lot of deaths caused by the vaxx and by other causes as the result of the deadly Delta Force Variant or the Beta Male Variant or the Omega Apocalypse Variant and then say everyone has to be locked down again.

If you understand what the agenda is, you are able to understand that there is no way that the government is simply going to give up on this monumental hoax. No one has dared attack the hoax at its root, and unless you say “the virus doesn’t exist, it’s just the relabeling of the flu and other respiratory infections,” you will be hoaxed and hoaxed again.

The UK will stay open probably until the fall, at which point they will come out and say that the reopening was a disaster because of massive death, and they will close everything for another year as they roll out even more extreme measures.

The butt of this joke is America, which already thinks this is all over, because they are so uninformed that they don’t even know that the virus hoax is happening in full force in Europe.