UK: CCTV Footage of Monkey Machete Duel in the Middle of a Road

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer

April 7, 2019

Black and brown swordsmanship instructors are now providing free live demonstrations for people on the streets of the United Kingdom.

This teaches people the art of the blade and results in British pedestrians getting stronger thanks to their newly acquired self-defense skill, proving once again that diversity is truly our strength.

Daily Mail:

This is the chilling moment two young men armed with machetes faced each other in Newcastle city centre.

A court heard that an argument between Abdul Kefia and Twayne Bailey turned into a potentially fatal confrontation when Kefia pulled the blade from his hoodie.

CCTV footage then shows Bailey taking a large machete out of his friend’s rucksack before the two men faced up to each other.

Cameras recorded Kefia, 26, running towards Bailey, 21, while swinging his machete.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Bailey then threw his weapon in the direction of the older man in a desperate bid to stop him in his tracks.

And as the machete missed Kefia, landing on the road next to him, Bailey turned and fled the scene while being ‘chased’ by the older man, the court heard.

Abdul Kefia

Twayne Bailey

Those are the faces of today’s Britons. These dark-skinned monkeys somehow ended up in the United Kingdom for reasons unknown and we may never know the true motives behind their machete dueling habits, which is quite a shame because there’s so much we could learn from their rich and vibrant machete-swinging culture.

I mean, you can’t tell me we have machete-swinging in our culture, can you? They have something we don’t, which means we could benefit from them diversifying our countries, if only we’d stop jailing them from expressing their own original cultures.

Why bring them to our countries in the first place if we’re going to punish them for being who they are? They’re just exercising their culture.

Lucky for the non-bigoted part of the population, these brave vibrant refugees have managed to enrich the United Kingdom despite white Britons’ best efforts to stop them.

Knife offences per 100,000 people by region, England and Wales, year ending March 2018:

Number of homicides committed by knife, 1977-2018, England and Wales:

As you can see, even a bigoted judicial system stacked against people of color is incapable of keeping people of color from expressing colorful cultural habits.

This should fill you with hope for the future.

It’s proof that Progress cannot be stopped.

At least not without removing diversity.

Given how diversity is unlikely to be removed any time soon, white Britons should embrace this new medieval situation they find themselves in and go back to wearing full armor.

Or at least some chain mail pajamas to be a little bit safer.

If they did that, and if they went back to sword fighting, there’d be no point in the diverse-skinned being in the United Kingdom anymore, as sword-swinging would replace machete-swinging.

Embracing the Middle Ages is the solution to diversity.