UK Caught Hoaxing Virus Death Toll, Counting People Who Recovered Months Ago But Then Died

The government of the United Kingdom may stop publishing the official daily coronavirus death toll after an investigation revealed that the numbers are a total hoax.

It looks like virtually no one has actually died from the virus.

The Telegraph:

The official Covid-19 daily death toll may never be brought back following an investigation into Public Health England’s method of counting it, the Telegraph understands.

The conclusions of the review, which was ordered by Matt Hancock after it emerged officials were “over-exaggerating” deaths from the virus, are expected this week.

One expected recommendation would be to stop daily reporting altogether and move to a weekly official death toll instead, a government source said on Sunday night.

The review has been “looking at all options,” the source said.

On July 17, the Health Secretary asked PHE to urgently investigate the way daily death statistics had been reported, leading PHE to say it was “pausing” the daily release.

It came after Oxford University experts revealed a significant proportion of the daily out-of-hospital death toll relates to patients who recovered from the virus weeks or months earlier.

Under the previous system, anyone who has ever tested positive for the virus in England was automatically counted as a coronavirus death when they died, even if the death was from a car accident.

By contrast, Scotland and Wales operate a cut-off threshold of 28 days after a positive test, after which a death is not assumed to be virus-related.

The official data has continued to release data on cases where people have tested positive for the virus. As of Sunday, 310,825 people have tested positive for coronavirus, according to PHE.

PHE’s death count was prominently used in the daily Downing Street press conferences. It is understood that, once the review on its methodology is concluded, the official death figures will start being routinely published on Twitter and the government’s website.

Doing so on a weekly rather than daily basis could help improve accuracy for future death counts, but could also make it harder to draw comparisons in the event of a second wave of the virus.

They real reason they may go for a weekly death count is because the daily one was not scary at all even though they were blatantly hoaxing it, counting everyone as a coronavirus death.

They want more time to hoax more deaths, to present a much more inflated number.

It is safe to assume that the above image is mostly showing this “significant” portion of unrelated deaths that they’re blaming on coronavirus.

It is a total hoax. They’re counting everyone who’s sneezed this year as a coronavirus death. America is also doing this, counting casualties from motorcycle accidents and such.

The agenda is not public health.

It is something much weirder.