UK: Cambridge Students Screech in Pain When Professor Tells Them To Work Hard and Not Drink

Daily Stormer
November 12, 2017

Eugene Terentjev, the Fuhrer of sober supremacy

Some people just can’t understand that it’s CURRENT YEAR, and in CURRENT YEAR every single platitude is a potential hollowcost waiting to happen.

Fox News:

 UK’s Cambridge University physical sciences professor came under fire this week from mental health campaigners and students after he suggested undergraduates will have to work hard and abstain from drinking to pass the course.

Eugene Terentjev draw the fury of students and mental health activists after sending out an email last week to first-year natural sciences undergraduates at Cambridge, telling them the course will be difficult and thus they should refrain from drinking and other social activities if they wish to succeed, according to an email leaked to student-run publication Varsity.

“Mental health activists” are a very important and noble profession in the modern world. They’re responsible for… I don’t really know what, but they’re activists, so they’re important.

A Cambridge student, traumatized by being told to lay of the booze

“Physical sciences is a VERY hard subject, which will require ALL of your attention and your FULL brain capacity (and for a large fraction of you, even that will not be quite enough),” Terentjev wrote to the students.

“You can ONLY do well (ie achieve your potential, which rightly or wrongly several people here assumed you have) if you are completely focused, and learn to enjoy the course. People who just TAKE the course, but enjoy their social life, can easily survive in many subjects — but not in this one.”

He added: “Remember that you are NOT at any other uni, where students do drink a lot and do have what they regard as a ‘good time’and you are NOT on a course, as some Cambridge courses sadly are, where such a behaviour pattern is possible or acceptable.”

This must’ve been particularly traumatic for students of sociology, liberal arts and other fluff for retards.

 The professor’s comments caused an uproar among activists and students, who called his email “extremely damaging” and neither “appropriate nor acceptable”, with one other university vice-chancellor accusing Terentjev of “frightening impressionable undergraduates”, the London Times reported.

Doesn’t take a lot to scare people these days, does it?

 A mental health campaign at the university, Student Minds Cambridge, said the message sent by the professor “could be extremely damaging to the mental well-being of the students concerned, and potentially others as well,” the Times reported.

Anthony Seldon, vice-chancellor of Buckingham University, said the professor message scaremongers the students rather than helping them to learn to live a balanced lifestyle. “Frightening impressionable undergraduates into believing that work alone is all-important is irresponsible, unkind and wrong-headed,” he told the newspaper.

The university’s student union welfare officer, Micha Frazer-Carroll, also criticized the content of the email, claiming it criticized “the very premise of having a social life, or any sort of life, outside of study.”

The “officer” in charge with welfare at their “union” is this half-monkey:


“Why the hysterics?” you ask.

“Why is this even news?” you ask.

Well, it’s really simple.

Because it’s CURRENT YEAR!

And you can’t say ANYTHING in CURRENT YEAR! because EVERYTHING is problematic some way or another.