UK: British TRAVEL AGENCIES Want Bailout Money! HA!

In their quest to collapse the economy, the governments of the West are pouring bailout money into companies that will not possibly ever be profitable again.

Imagine giving money to a travel agency, with the outlook being what it is right now. Not only will people not be allowed to travel in the future, no one will have the money to travel.


The UK’s travel industry has reached a “critical point” and is calling for further support to stem job losses.

Measures to curb the pandemic have already led to the loss of around 39,000 jobs, said travel industry trade body Abta.

About 65% of travel firms have had to make redundancies or start a consultation process.

Abta said the industry desperately needs “tailored support” or many more jobs would be lost.

The Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) warned that more job losses were set to come as the government’s furlough scheme is phased out, unless new support measures are introduced.

“With the government’s stop start measures, the restart of travel has not gone as hoped for the industry, and sadly businesses continue to be adversely affected and jobs are being lost at an alarming rate,” said Abta’s chief executive Mark Tanzer.

“Coming towards the end of the traditional period for peak booking, we have hit a critical point as existing government measures to support businesses begin to taper off, the consequence of which, according to this survey of ABTA Members will be ruinous for more people’s livelihoods.”

Abta said many travel firms had not yet restarted after the lockdown, with cruise firms and school travel operators still closed for business.

They haven’t given them the money yet, but the government should be straightforward with the people about what they’ve done: they have totally collapsed the economy. None of it is coming back for a very long time, and actually, with this communist revolution, it’s never going to come back. We’re entering into a situation of total poverty and the government is then going to install colored people to rule our countries and ensure that we never come out of poverty as we move into some kind of New World Order system.

The British Oxfam and the United Nations are admitting openly that people in the third world are going to starve to death on a mass scale because of this lockdown, but we’re pretending like everything in the West is going back to normal?

I can understand letting people down gently, but this situation is just absurd.

People should be told that the jig is officially up and this boat is obviously sinking.