UK: British Jewry Sends Police After “Final Solution” Tweet Following Arianapocalypse

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2017

Katie Hopkins is a British journalist that straddles the fringe of the Alt-Light, but won’t touch the Jewish question. With that said, unlike most conservatives she holds her own and has a sense of urgency on issues like immigration. This instinctively triggers Jews and Leftists into sending their secret police.

Her tweets in the wake of the Manchester bombing have stirred more outrage in the Jewish controlled British media than the attack itself. All she did was use the word “Final Solution” in a way that obviously isn’t about Jews or killing people, coupled with a call to Western men to stand up for our country.

But because Jews don’t like what she is saying, they are purposely taking it out of context in typical kike Big Lie fashion.

Below are some pieces of “journalism” cheerleading the useless and illegitimate Metropolitan Pig Service – who admit they are incapable and unwilling to protect citizens from non-white invaders engaging in sex slavery, acid attacks and terrorism – but magically find the time and resources to hunt down somebody on Twitter when they complain about it.

Jewish News:

Holocaust educators have condemned controversial Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins for tweeting about the ‘final solution’ in response to the Manchester terror attack.

The LBC radio host and journalist was reported to the police, after making an “entirely inappropriate and irresponsible” remark on Twitter, invoking the Nazis’ plan to exterminate European Jewry .

After many people were murdered at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, Hopkins sent a tweet directed at ‘This Morning’ host Philip Schofield, which read: “Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution.”

Following her comment Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s Chief Executive Olivia Marks-Woldman criticised her “offensive and divisive language”.

She said: “‘We are aware that a recent tweet has been reported to the police.. The use of the phrase ‘final solution’ is entirely inappropriate and irresponsible.”

While most conservative pundits (especially the females) are just trying to make money (see: Lauren Southern), I can tell Hopkins really feels it, and genuinely doesn’t understand why Jews are leading the lynch mob against her and those like her.

Well, Katie, if you’re reading this, it’s because Jews see your passion and the trajectory of your ideas. They know where your plane is going to land: an open fight against their plan.

This is what happened to her Swedish equivalent Ingrid Carlqvist, who has seen the light and evolved past the simplistic anti-Islam activism. Islam isn’t the problem. Jews open the borders, Jews imprison the patriots, Jews and Anglo traitors make deals with the Saudi government to protect their pro-ISIS radicalizing recruitment schools in ghettos and prisons. It’s a miracle that there isn’t even more terrorism.

Immigration in Europe is a real problem with real people working on an international scale to make it happen. Their intent is to hurt us. The English have become a minority in London in a matter of decades. That is a man-made disaster.