UK: British Army Devolves Into Complete Farce, Male Words Banned by Higher-Ups!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2018

How in the world is the British Army not supposed to be a laughingstock and a joke, I’ll never know.


The British Army is to scrap role titles like “rifleman” and “infantryman” for the more gender-neutral “infantry soldier” and “infanteer”.

More like infantile. 


Imagine that scenario playing out in your head: “Commander, send in the whole infantile to engage the enemy!”

The briefing document, seen by the Mail on Sunday, also said that any training manuals with “gender specific” language will have to be thrown out to not be exclusionary to women recruits.

“Gender specific terms are to be removed from all doctrine, policy, orders and instructions at the SCHINF [School of Infantry] and their use discouraged,” the Doctrine and Concepts policy document reads.

“The IBS [Infantry Battle School, Brecon, Wales] is to ensure gender specific terms are removed from the next edition of Infantry Platoon Tactics and the Brecon Battle Book,” it adds.

The cynic in me tells me that this has something to do with the Navy sticking it to the Army.

Yeah, it’s either the cynic in me or the Boomer *shudder* in me that sees the world in John le Carre-esque factional power squabbles among uber-competent agencies full of high-T, high IQ individuals vying for power.

The Army in the UK always gets the short end of the stick. Because, as an Atlantean oligarchic and mercantile sea power, Athens – I mean the United Kingdom, has always put greater emphasis on her Navy and put it in a more privileged position vis a vis the army.

The British armed forces have doubled down in their efforts to pander to identity politics, with the Army launching a series of ad campaigns to increase the number of Muslim and LGBT recruits.

Serving soldiers were even told by top brass that if they demonstrated “negative opinions” about the politically correct ads they could face disciplinary action.

Breitbart London reported this month that the Army had been excessively proud of winning the “race for diversity” against the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy by increasing the proportion of BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) personnel in their ranks. 

I think that’s one race that the Navy was more than willing to let the Army win.

One that they might have encouraged the Army to win. To give them at least some prize, lol.

More realistically though, the whole situation is just a clusterfuck of political correctness mixed in with a new theory regarding global force projection.

Basically, if the UK wants to be involved in the Middle East to prop up Israel or act as America’s sidekick, they’ve got to have ethnic cadres from the region to be able to deploy at a moment’s notice. That way, the locals will see a familiar face and not react angrily to the occupation. The UK is training ethnic auxiliaries to act as satraps in whatever Middle Eastern, Central Asian or African shithole they get drawn into.

At least, that seems to be the plan here if I put my Boomer thinking cap on.

But more and more, I’m coming ’round to the idea that this is a British Isles occupation force. The drive to put diversity into the Army is basically part of an agenda to train a robust anti-Briton crackdown force – for when the Reclamation Wars Begin.

It’s either a misguided attempt to be able to project force abroad – by enlisting UKinized satraps from the local migrant communities and then re-sending them to the shithole they came from.

Or it’s a future occupation force.

Or both. 

What I can’t understand is how they’re letting all the PC gender stuff seep into the ranks. If ZOG wanted to keep an effective fighting force, they would make the army the only privileged institution left in society, so that marginalized White males would flock to it, only to be forced into endless wars for Zion and Diversity.

That’s where all the theories fly out of the window and you just have to come to terms with the fact that we’re ruled by pussies, fags, pedophiles, bugmen, catladies, affirmative action hires and JEWS who destroy anything and everything that they get their claws on.

No need to overcomplicate this one, boys.

Our ruling class of Jews and their shabbos mongrel servants isn’t half as clever as they think they are.