UK: Britain First Leaders Jailed for Saying Mean Words

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2017

You think being a legitimate political party would allow you to speak your mind? Ha!

The levels of thought control exerted by the British government keep getting more and more outrageous. While we’ve recently learned that mere “unfriendliness” or “dislike” can be defined as “hate speech” and grounds for a police visit, there’s always been the assumption that politicians could speak more freely than normal people.

This makes sense, as if politicians can’t speak their minds and spread their message, how can anyone even claim that the system is “democratic?”

But that tradition is being thrown out the window completely, with the leadership of the nationalist “Britain First” party getting sentenced to jail terms merely for expressing their dislike of Moslems.

The Guardian:

The leaders of the far-right group Britain First have been jailed for a series of hate crimes against Muslims.

Oh, wow, it sounds like they must have been on a real rampage, right?

What’s the body count, here?

When I hear “series of hate crimes,” I picture something like this.

The group’s leader, Paul Golding, was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, while deputy, Jayda Fransen, was sentenced to 36 weeks on Wednesday. They had each been found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment at Folkestone magistrate’s court earlier the same day.


Like, are we talking about waking people up at 3 AM, banging on their windows? Or calling them up at weird hours and making threats?

“These defendants were not merely exercising their right to free speech but were instead aiming religiously aggravated abuse at innocent members of the public,” the prosecutor told the court.

They were both arrested in May last year as part of an investigation into the distribution of leaflets and online videos posted during a trial at Canterbury crown court in the same month.

Three Muslim men and a teenager were convicted of rape and jailed as a result of those proceedings.

Er… So we’re talking about politicians distributing leaflets and making YouTube videos here?

Hate crimes aren’t what they used to be…

Somebody needs to stop this rampage!

On Wednesday, the judge Justin Barron said Golding and Fransen’s words and actions “demonstrated hostility” towards Muslims and the Muslim faith.

Yes, Britain’s already established that demonstrating preferences for and against things is a grave crime.

The only way to be sure to commit no crime is now to have no likes or dislikes, to be completely free of judgment or rational thought.

The “hate crimes” of Fransen and Golding involve nothing except distributing leaflets, shouting at people and making videos about it.

“I have no doubt it was their joint intention to use the facts of the [Canterbury] case for their own political ends. It was a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants.”

The fact that these politicians promoted their views using “facts” is very unsettling to the establishment figures, because they can only promote their own policies using subterfuge and lies.

The situation in Britain is now that the political forces in power are simply outlawing all opinions that fall outside their own ideology, effectively making all true opposition parties illegal.

This means that parties can only compete with money and connections, which obviously favors the establishment.