UK: Britain First Female Leader Sentenced Again for Saying Moslems Kill People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2019

It turns out, Brenton Tarrant is actually a British woman. They finally caught her.

Or wait no.

This woman is going to prison for saying mean things about Moslems, not slaughtering them.

But there really isn’t any difference. Words are just as hurtful as bullets, and both must be stopped.


Jayda Fransen, the former deputy leader of ultranationalist right-wing Britain First group, was convicted of inciting hatred for a speech about Islam in Belfast in 2017, while leader Paul Golding was acquitted.

Fransen was also separately convicted for additional comments she made while filming at the peace wall in the city. District Judge George Conner said her speech at the ‘Northern Ireland Against Terrorism’ event was a “vehement attack against a religious group,” the BBC reports.

She told attendees that Muslims are “baying for our blood,” and that “Islam says every single one of you wonderful people here today deserves to be killed.” Fransen added that it was time to come together against “the one common enemy.”

“I’m satisfied these words were intended to stir up hatred and arouse fear,” Judge Conner said at the trial.

In December 2017, Fransen also claimed that the “Islamification” of Britain would see walls like the peace walls separating Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods in Belfast popping up around the UK. She said it was “descending into civil war” and that it was time to “rise up against the biggest threat against the entire world.”

Fransen was jailed for four months in March 2018 after being convicted of three counts of religiously aggravated harassment for distributing leaflets and posting videos during a gang-rape trial in England.

So I guess it’s “Islamophobic” to say terrorism exists in the same way it is “anti-Semitic” to say AIPAC exists.

“Britain First” was an anti-racist group that was only against Moslems, mainly because they do terrorism, robbery, stabbings, underage sex trafficking and so on and so forth.

Fransen is just a typical fat British slag with a tongue ring, eccentric hair dye and an inch of makeup (I’m sure she also has a tramp stamp on her lower back too) who is like “this shite is buggered m8.”

They’re coming down hard on this woman specifically because Donald Trump retweeted her.

But Donald Trump won’t say anything about her being sent to prison for political reasons in Orwellian UK.

It would be nice if Trump would go on a tirade about how Britain has no free speech and how “the elites” and “George Soros” are trying to take our First Amendment.

But he won’t.

Because then people would start telling him to regulate the tech industry. Which he won’t do because of his “special relationship” with Tim Apple.