UK: Bristol Police Drive Greta Thunberg to Her Protest in Electric Car

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2020

Greta Thunberg is so retarded that she can’t see that she’s being promoted by the establishment that she thinks she’s fighting against while the establishment literally drives her to one of her anti-establishment protests.

Daily Mail:

Ex-detectives have blasted Bristol officers for ‘an abuse of policing’ for pandering to eco-warrior Greta Thunberg.

The 17-year-old Swedish activist was chauffeured to her protest in the city in an electric car courtesy of the force.

Okay, so first of all, Greta Thunberg isn’t an “eco-warrior” – she’s the Climate Empress, and the eco-warriors are her minions.

The face she makes when looking at her army.

Second, and lastly, Her Weather Majesty should definitely be driven and paraded around in eco-friendly cars if she demands it.

The face she makes when demanding free eco-friendly stuff.

This whole thing should come as no surprise to these ex-detectives, considering that the United Kingdom has a history of treating royalty the right way.

Former Met Police Senior Investigating Officer on murders Colin Sutton said it was inappropriate for officers to take a side in protests.

He sarcastically suggested that one day police would be providing replicas of Adolf Hitler’s Mercedes-Benz complete with swastikas for right-wing groups.

Under a picture of the model of car, he wrote: ‘I wonder how they will collect other protest leaders in future? Maybe they can find one of these for the EDL?’

An estimated 30,000 people gathered on Bristol’s College Green on Friday for the demonstration.

But residents were left furious at the state they left the historic lawn in following the Strike 4 Climate event.

The teenager told thousands of children who skipped school: ‘We are being betrayed by those in power… I will not be silenced while the world is on fire.’

“Those in power” literally gave her the entire platform that she uses to talk about how evil adults are for driving cars to their workplaces.

If these people in power were really her enemies, she’d be silenced and there’d be nothing she could do about it other than retreating into the dark web.

Some were less than impressed, with one Twitter user saying: ‘Thanks kids. Destroying green spaces. What a gift to the people of Bristol…’

Another tweeted: ‘Greta and her mates have literally destroyed College Green.’

One Thunberg supporter posted: ‘Grass will grow back. Our ozone layer, icecaps, coral reefs, Australian bush and the Amazon Rainforest will not.’

The Atlantic released an article in September 2014 called The Ozone Layer Is Growing Back.

Liberty Voice has an article from September 2013 titled Arctic Ice Cap Growing at Tremendous Rate.

Big Think has an article from December 2018 about a scientist discovering a way to grow corals 40 times faster than normal.

Trees can be planted.

Pictured: turtle-like creature “Greta Thunberg” pondering manipulation tactics.

These people aren’t really protesting against global warming or global cooling, but against the climate changing.

It really is insane.