UK: Boy, 16, Sentenced to Two Years in Children’s Jail for Leading Nazi Group at the Age of 13

Paul Dunleavy, one of the people incited by the 13 year old and his dastardly terror meme-scheme. He doesn’t look autistic.



The Sun:

Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist who led a neo-Nazi cell from his gran’s house was today sentenced to a two-year youth rehabilitation order.

The boy, 13, gathered terrorist material online and spouted vile racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views in chatrooms.

He spoke about “gassing” Jewish people, hanging homosexuals and wanting to “shoot up their parades” in chilling exchanges.

The warped teen, now 16, also ran the UK branch of the extremist Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) during the summer of 2019.

The notorious neo-Nazi group idolises terrorists such as Anders Breivik, who slaughtered 77 people in Norway.

While running the FKD, the boy enlisted autistic 17-year-old Paul Dunleavy, who was jailed for more than five years last year for plotting a terrorist attack.

Cops stormed his elderly nan’s rustic cottage in Cornwall and found a Nazi flag and the numbers ‘1488’, which are codes for Heil Hitler, slathered on the garden shed.

The defendant, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, appeared before Judge Mark Dennis at the Old Bailey today.

The judge told the boy he had “entered an online world of wicked prejudice” and any reoffending would lead to a “spiral of ever lengthening terms of incarceration” to protect the public.

He added: “The wider picture revealed in this case – the actions, words and mindset of teenagers – is deeply concerning.”

The court heard that between October 2018 and July 2019, he had collected a significant amount of far-right material.

It included bomb-making instructions, ingredients for napalm, and how to make Molotov cocktails, build an AK47 assault rifle, and engage in knife combat.

The FKD, a banned network, favoured actions over words and encouraged individuals to commit “lone wolf” attacks.


The defendant liaised with FKD’s 13-year-old “commander” in Estonia and was responsible for vetting and recruiting members and propaganda, it was claimed.

One of his five recruits was Dunleavy, who was convicted of terrorism offences relating to his activities as a member of FKD in 2019 and with whom he discussed the acquisition of firearms, the court was told.

The defendant also allegedly commissioned a “Nuke London” poster which bore an image of an atom bomb cloud explosion over the Houses of Parliament with the slogan “Sterilise the cesspit that you call London”.

In a police interview, the defendant denied having had any racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic views, and said his comments and posts were just “to look cool”.

Doesn’t everyone call it “London”?

The court literally introduced this document as evidence that he’s a terrorist:

Anyway – this is the thing here: the establishment created a society that is a literal hell on earth for white boys. This kid was living with his grandma – I wonder where mommy was???

I know where dad was – he was run out of the home by mommy. Then, mommy dumped the boy at grandma’s, so she could continue to live the high life. Meanwhile, he’s in school with a bunch of blacks and Pakis – who, by the way, get all of the girls in these modern European schools.

He looks around, and sees that he’s being labeled as the bad guy, despite the fact that the world has done nothing for him. He’s benefited in no way whatsoever from this society, and he doesn’t have to have a genius level IQ to glance up at the future and see that there is no point at which any of this gets any better.

What does the government expect these boys to do? Just lay down and die? Or to become trannies, which gives them some bit of access to the privilege system?

This is just what you get when you do what they’ve done to our society, and it is shocking that more young white boys are not going in this direction. I guess it’s probably because most of them are whacked out on drugs, they’re fat, or they’re going the tranny route.

A kid with the kind of intelligence and ambition the teen Nazi has should be at an elite school being groomed for leadership.

Instead, he’s living in grandma’s shed planning a Nazi insurrection, because he doesn’t feel he has any other choice. And now he’s going to child’s prison.

It is evil what we have done to our children. No society can sustain this.

This article originally wrongly identified the header photo as that of the gang leader, who is yet to be identified.