UK: Boris Johnson Says Tougher Lockdowns are Coming Until Gene-Altering Vaccine is Ready

Boris Johnson is determined to ruin everyone’s Christmas in the name of keeping people safe from a flu, in a blatant attempt at making people see the upcoming coronavirus vaccine as the key to having a social life again.

Daily Mail:

Boris Johnson tonight warned against ‘over-optimism’ as he said many areas face going into tougher Tiers after December 2 than they were in before the blanket lockdown.

Taking a Downing Street press conference from self-isolation, the PM tempered his positive message by insisting it is the season to be ‘jolly careful’ despite the latest apparent vaccine breakthrough.

He braced the public in England for difficult months before the ‘cavalry’ of science comes to the rescue and finally ends the crisis.

And he said that although the national lockdown will finish next Wednesday, large sections of the country will still be under harsher measures than before it began on November 5.

Mr Johnson said ‘things will look and feel very different’ after Easter, with a vaccine and mass testing.

But he cautioned that the months ahead ‘will be hard, they will be cold, they include January and February when the NHS is under its greatest pressure’.

The specific Tiers for regions will be announced later this week, probably on Thursday.

Mr Johnson said: ‘Many more places will be in higher tiers than also was previously the case.’

He added: ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also the season to be jolly careful, especially with elderly relatives.’

Wow, that’s gay.

He went on about the vaccine being “an escape route.”

Mr Johnson declared that the new curbs will be ‘redundant’ and expire by law at the end of March – when there is increasing optimism that effective vaccines will be in circulation. ‘We have turned a corner and the escape route is in sight,’ he said.

He said the ‘whole concept’ of coronavirus lockdown should be unnecessary by the Spring, while warning: ‘We are not there yet.’ 



He’s implying that people will be able to meet with friends and family after they’ve been vaccinated, but we’re now near the end of 2020 and know better than to believe the government’s promises.

Remember when they told us that the lockdown was only going to last a few weeks?


The obvious problem with thinking that any of this New Normal stuff will end with a vaccine, is that the coronavirus pandemic is a fake crisis — a total hoax, intended to rapidly transform society with the least amount of resistance.

Since it is not about public health, you cannot end it through public health measures.

After they start vaccinating people, they’ll eventually claim that there’s a new virus, or that the virus has mutated, and that everyone needs to go into a new lockdown until a new vaccine is ready. Or they can simply state that lockdowns decrease the spread of viruses in general, and tell people that they need to keep living la vida solitaria in order to save lives.

They’ve already established that the entire world is required to give up everything as soon as they say “virus.”

Just like we should have stopped the attack on free speech the moment they established that it was okay to silence people who made mean jokes, we should have stopped the attack on freedom the moment they suggested that they could decide when and why we leave our homes.

But it is not too late. This attack on freedom is still fresh, and the echoes of previous attacks on freedom are beginning to reverberate in the minds of people.

The coronavirus hoax has silenced normal people who just wanted to meet with friends and avoid unnecessary flu shots, and more and more people are starting to question why is it okay to censor words and thoughts.

We can ride this wave and get ourselves where we want to be. We just have to play our cards right and reach as many people as possible.