UK: Boris Johnson Hopes Life Will Return to Normal by Christmas

Did you hear anyone coughing lately? STAY ALERT.

Some people still believe that there’s a chance things will eventually go back to normal, but they won’t. We have to move past this passive “waiting for the lockdown and social distancing to end,” because the reasons used to impose these things are set up in a way as to be perpetual.

  • They’ve taken your right to work and generate money because people could get the virus
  • They’ve taken your right to meet with people because people could get the virus
  • They’ve taken your right to leave your home at will because people could get the virus

The bar is now absurdly low, where if one person gets infected with the virus, everything has to shut down. There is no way out of it without backtracking completely and saying, “yes, sometimes people are going to die of viruses, life has various risks and we just have to deal with that, if someone is really afraid they should stay home and maybe get therapy or talk to a priest about their issues with fearing to live a normal life.”

Even if this virus goes away, they can now use this excuse to take people’s rights away forever. They never proved this virus was dangerous to healthy people, they never proved a single healthy person ever died from it. We’ve accepted that we can be treated like animals by the government without them even having to prove a threat exists.

Daily Mail:

Boris Johnson today announced he is aiming for life in the UK to return to something close to normal by Christmas as he said workers will be encouraged to stop working from home from August.

The Prime Minister set out his timetable for the further easing of lockdown measures as he said restrictions on the use of public transport in England are being dropped from today with trips on the train and bus to no longer be viewed as the option of last resort.

He said the Government will publish new guidance applying from August on the crunch issue of working from home in the hope that more employees will physically return to their desks to give town and city centres a much needed economic boost.

However, in a significant softening of the PM’s tone on the issue, he stopped short of ordering workers to return after Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s chief scientific adviser, warned yesterday there was ‘absolutely no reason’ to change the existing policy of people working from home where they are able to.

Sir Patrick and the chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, were both notably absent from the press conference despite the fact they have flanked the PM at briefings throughout the pandemic in a move which will ignite speculation of a worsening split between Mr Johnson and his experts.

Life won’t ever return to normal under the current popular understanding of coronavirus, which portrays this virus as a global threat.

If we want “normal” back, we have to change the framework with which people think of the virus.

In order to do that, we have to share a few critical facts:

  1. Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu
  2. The lockdown is proven to be useless in stopping the spread of viruses, and it may actually increase the spread
  3. Deaths attributed to coronavirus are almost entirely very old and sick people

Everything starts falling into place once people become aware of these facts.

But the media and governments sure as hell aren’t going to tell people.