UK: Black Studies “Professor” Brands Whiteness a “Psychosis”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2020

White people are responsible for the best parts of the world: from hospitals and universities to technological gadgets, airplanes and vehicles.

But whiteness is a psychosis, which means that all of the world is the result of a psychosis.

It was all a mistake.

We have to go back to the Mud Age.

Daily Mail:

Furious Good Morning Britain viewers have blasted an ‘arrogant, anti-white’ academic who said that the ‘British Empire did more harm than the Nazis’ and branded whiteness a ‘psychosis’.

Kehinde Andrews, who is a professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University, told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that the British Empire was worse than the Third Reich.

He was appearing on today’s programme debating Labour leader hopeful Lisa Nandy’s proposal to removed the word ‘Empire’ from OBEs.

Immediately after his appearance on the daytime television show, the professor took to his Twitter to continue to slam the British Empire and brand ‘whiteness’ a ‘psychosis’.

Taking to his social media page the academic praised the author Carol Anderson for her book White Rage and wrote: ‘Yes, Whiteness is a psychosis. Much respect to @ProfCAnderson for the excellent White Rage. First stop on my reading our for the #PsychosisOfWhiteness book.’

He later added: ‘The British empire lasted far longer, did more damage and in many ways paved the way the Nazi’s and their genocidal ideology.

We do no favours to the victims of the Holocaust by pretending otherwise. If we forget the past we are likely to repeat it .’

Never forget

Following the show viewers branded Professor Andrews a racist after he incensed them with his remarks about Britain, the Empire and ‘whiteness’.

As Piers and Susanna accused him of racist language, he responded: ‘Whiteness is not just for white people there also Asian people black people who purport the psychosis of whiteness.

‘It’s about the ideas, it’s about the fact that in the 21st century 60 per cent of British people believe the empire was a force for good. This is like saying because the Nazis built motorways we should celebrate them.’

The British Empire and Nazi Germany were obviously great things, but supposing for a moment that they weren’t…

That’s not fair, is it? If blacks had figured out how to record their history before they met whites, there’d be lots of material to shame them.

Thankfully, some brave white men left written records of negro behavior for future generations to read.

What’s even more interesting here is that blacks continue to engage in brutality of that kind — especially when they’re not tightly supervised by whites.

These creatures did terrible things in the past and do terrible things in the present.

Why aren’t they talking about that instead?

When Piers asked if he was honestly comparing the British Empire to Hitler’s totalitarian state, Professor Andrews hit back: ‘You’re right. There is no comparison. The British Empire did far more harm to the world for a far more sustained period of time.’

Journalist Toby Young argued that had Britain not acquired so much territory it may not have been able to defeat the Nazis.

It’s always so vague. What harm, exactly? Stopping the cannibalism?

But Professor Andrews then said concentration camps were invented by the British Empire as well as the idea of being about to kill people based on their race.

He added: ‘The science underpinning the Nazis came largely from the British empire.’

Right. Blacks don’t kill based on race. They just kill indiscriminately.

Asked whether the university was standing by Professor Andrews, a Birmingham City University spokesman told MailOnline today: ‘We do recognise that comments such as those you refer to may be considered controversial by some but this does not negate our respect for the ability of all individuals to exercise freedom of speech within the law.

‘Indeed, under the 1986 Education Act we have a legal duty to promote freedom of speech. Universities are plural societies which are home to differences of opinion, debate and views.

As such, the University neither endorses nor condemns Dr Andrew’s personal views, but we defend his freedom of speech to express controversial or unpopular opinions.’

Yeah, sure. Imagine if the comments weren’t anti-white but anti-black.

Or anti English-language.

In white countries, everyone can criticize whites and they’re even encouraged to do so.

Meanwhile, some things can’t be discussed in the open without consequences.